1 Day Guangzhou to Zhaoqing Tour–Seven Star Crags

Zhaoqing City is located in the centre of Guangdong Province. To the south and west of Zhaoqing lie the plains and to the east and north is the mountainous areas. One of the province’s major places of natural beauty and historical interest is Star Lake, and other areas of picturesque beauty include the Seven Star Crags and Dinghu MountainTheir hills and lakes form the area known as Limerock Pinnacle.

Take a bus from Guangzhou to Zhaoqing city. There are many regular buses available between these two cites and you are suggested to take the bus at the provincial bus station, which is located beside the railway station, the ticket is around CNY50.00 net per person. It will be about a 3 hours drive from Guangzhou to Zhaoqing. You may get off at Zhaoqing bus station, and then after a 20 minutes walk, you will get to the destination – The Seven Star Crags.

The Seven Star Crags, which is also called Star Lake, consisting of five lakes, six hills, seven rocks and eight caves and the area is about 8.23 square kilometers. Inside the scenic spot, you can take the public bus, the taxi or the round lake tourism special line to travel around the spot, which is very convenient. The admission fee of the Seven Star Crags is CNY50.00 net per person. We would advise you that the best time to visit is from July to September and during the Chinese Spring Festival.

Seven Star Crags
Seven Star Crags
Seven Star Crags
How to travel to Zhaoqing Seven-Stars Crags from Guangzhou
By bus from Provincial Bus Station, Fangcun Bus Station, Liuhua Bus Station or Jiaokou Bus Station to Zhaoqing , Get off at Zhaoqing Bus Station, and then after a 20 minutes walk, you will get to the destination – The Seven-Star Crags.

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