1 Day Tour

1-Day Trip from Guangzhou to Kaipping Dialou

You can travel to these 4 tourist places in one day: Li Garden, Diaolou Cluster in Zili Village, Majianglong Village, Diaolou Cluster in Jianjiangli Village, and the historic Town of Chikan. Get off at Kengkou Metro Station, Exit B; after crossing the bridge you will reach the Fangcun Passenger Station. McDonalds at Bus Station, you can have breakfast or coffee ... Read More »

1 Day Guangzhou Conghua Hot Spring

Conghua Hot Spring is located in the northwest of Conghua County and is situated at a distance of 80 kilometers from Guangzhou. It was originally built in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is a nationally renowned tourist attraction and health resort. In 1989, hot spring sightseeing zone was awarded ‘Excellent World in Guangdong Tourism ‘ by Guangdong Province. The ... Read More »

1 Day Guangzhou Panyu Tour — Lotus Mountain

Panyu has a long history that leads back to the year of 33 of the Qing Dynasty (214 BC), with 20 cities and the Economic and Technological Development Zone, 1313.8 square kilometers and a population of 860,000 people. Panyu is plain with a beautiful surrounding Pearl River Delta and Cross River in the city. Panyu city is convenient in transportation ... Read More »

1 Day Guangzhou to Qingyuan Tour — Rafting

Qingyuan is a prefecture-level city in northwestern Guangdong province of Southern China. Its total population is 3.7 million, and the primary language spoken is Cantonese. With an area of 19,015 km², Qingyuan is the city of the largest land area in Guangdong. It is located on the Bei Jiang River, is surrounded by mountainous areas, and features an expressway to ... Read More »

1 Day Guangzhou to Zhaoqing Tour–Seven Star Crags

Zhaoqing City is located in the centre of Guangdong Province. To the south and west of Zhaoqing lie the plains and to the east and north is the mountainous areas. One of the province’s major places of natural beauty and historical interest is Star Lake, and other areas of picturesque beauty include the Seven Star Crags and Dinghu MountainTheir hills ... Read More »

1 Day Guangzhou to Foshan Tour–Xiqiao Mountain

Foshan is an industrial city full of factories. If you are all going to travel Guangzhou, Foshan is not far from Guangzhou. You can take metro from Guangzhou to Foshan, it is convenient for you travel to Foshan. Foshan is located in the northern part of the Pearl River, 20 km (12 miles) from Guangzhou. Foshan is divided into five ... Read More »

1 Day Guangzhou Panyu Tour—Baomo Garden

Panyu District is a district of Guangzhou, People’s Republic of China. It used to be a county-level city before it was incorporated in the administration of Guangzhou. The name of Panyu dates back to the completion of the conquest of Guangdong by Qin Shi Huang. It was the old name of present-day Guangzhou. It covers an area of about 661.88 ... Read More »

1 Day Guangzhou Shopping Tour by Metro

Guangzhou is not only famed as a business center or a tourism destination, but also a “Shopping Paradise”. The most famous department stores are TeeMall,Grandview Mall,Pacific Computer City, China Plaza (Zhonghua Guangchang), Hualin Jade Market, Beijing Road (Beijing Lu) and Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street, Calligraphy Painting Street–Wende lu , Some local products such as the Wong Lo Kat Herbal Tea, cooking ... Read More »