1 Day Guangzhou Conghua Hot Spring

Conghua Hot Spring is located in the northwest of Conghua County and is situated at a distance of 80 kilometers from Guangzhou. It was originally built in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is a nationally renowned tourist attraction and health resort. In 1989, hot spring sightseeing zone was awarded ‘Excellent World in Guangdong Tourism ‘ by Guangdong Province.

The warm water bubbles to the surface at 12 different springs; it is clear and enriched in more than 10 kinds of minerals like calcium, magnesium, and sodium. The temperature of the springs ranges from 30 to 71 with an average of 60 degrees centigrade. The area enjoys the advantage of a beautiful natural environment and tranquil rural scenery, with fresh air, green mountains, meandering streams, and old landmarks like Bi Lang Bridge, Di Cui Pavilion and Tao Ran Hall. Furthermore, Conghua is known as the “hometown of the lychee”, and in mid-summer you can enjoy some of the best-tasting lychees while bathing in the hot spring water.

Recommend Hot Spring Places: Bi Shui Wan Hot Spring Holiday (Chinese: 碧水湾温泉度假村)

Conghua Bi Shui Wan Hot Spring Holiday
Conghua Bi Shui Wan Hot Spring Holiday
Bi Shui Wan Hot Spring Holiday
Bi Shui Wan Hot Spring Holiday

Bi Shui Wan Hot Spring Holiday is one of the most popular hot spring in Guangdong Province. It
is located in Conghua hot spring tour and holiday area of Guangzhou and is near the bank of Liuxi River. The inn occupied 260 acres of land with 30 000 square kilometers building area.

The holiday inn is managed by Shanghai Jinjiang Internation Management Co. The Inn is a Four-Star luxury holiday inn. The hotel restaurant conference hall recreation room rest zone health care center and open-air hot spring are gathered in the Bishuiwan Inn. 198 guest rooms and different conference halls -rooms- resting rooms’ commercial center shopping center western food and Chinese food restaurant beauty and hairdressing shop meet the requirements of the guests. The equipment of tennis court basketball court football field table tennis room billiards room and mineral spring swimming pool are perfectly. In nightclub the performance hall disco dance hall theme barroom and kara OK box are included.

The open-air hot spring area occupied an area of 38 acres of land with 28 hot spring swimming pools in different size. The equipment of play pool medicinal bath pool traditional Chinese medicine hall foot-bath room massage room is perfectly. In addition the food street supplies various healthy diets. In sum Bishuiwan hot spring holiday Inn is an ideal famous scenic spot for conference training health resort and spend holidays.

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Entrance Fee (Monday-Friday): 128 RMB/person; Weekends, 138 RMB/person. Some free snacks, drinks, coffee, tea, cakes, bread and fruit are available in the lobby. If you like, you can stay overnight at the hotel to have a longer time to enjoy the hot springs. Or, you can visit the hot springs for a few hours and travel back to Gangzhou the same day.

How to travel from Guangzhou to Conghua Bi Shui Wan Hot Springs Holiday
Bi Shui Wan Hot Springs Holiday is located some distance from Guangzhou. You can travel there either by taxi or bus. A one-way trip by taxi from Guangzhou to Conghua will save you time and cost about 400 RMB. There are many regular buses traveling between Guangzhou and Conghua. You can board the bus at Guangzhou Passenger Transport Station. The trip will take about 1.5 hours and cost about 13 RMB/person. The express bus is quicker; the trip takes 1 hour and costs 18 RMB.You can also take a bus from other bus stations in Gunagzhou like Guangdong Provincial Bus Station, Liuhua Bus Station, Farngcun Bus Station, Tianhe Bus Station, Guangyuan Bus Station. The cost is different for each station.( Guangzhou Bus Station Information)

Get off the bus at the Conghua Bus Station and buy the ticket to Bi Shui Wan Hot Springs Holiday at the ticket office in the station. There are many buses traveling to Bi Shui Wan Hot Springs Holiday. The trip takes about 30 minutes and costs 6 RMB. When you get on the bus, you should tell the bus driver that you want to get off at Bi Shui Wan Hot Springs Holida so the driver will stop when it arrives at there. You should see many people getting off at that stop.

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