1 Day Guangzhou to Foshan Tour–Xiqiao Mountain

Foshan is an industrial city full of factories. If you are all going to travel Guangzhou, Foshan is not far from Guangzhou. You can take metro from Guangzhou to Foshan, it is convenient for you travel to Foshan.

Foshan is located in the northern part of the Pearl River, 20 km (12 miles) from Guangzhou. Foshan is divided into five areas: Chancheng, Shunde, San Shui, Nanhai and Gaoming districts.

Foshan is a vital part of an active economic zone, consisting of Guangzhou to the east, and Hong Kong and Macao to the south. Guangzhou.

Foshan Tour Highlights: Xiqiao Mountains, Liang Garden, Foshan Ancestral Temple (Zumiao Temple), Ancient Nanfeng Kiln and Chinese paper-cutting visit. Foshan is a famous cultural city with a long history, well known at home and abroad for its handicraft industry.

Take one day tour of Foshan Xiqiao Mountaion , Xiqiao Mountaion is a bit far from Guangzhou , you need to by bus from the Fangcun Bus station or Liuhua Bus station to Xiqiao Mountain , it is about 1 hour.

Xiqiao Mountain
Xiqiao Mountain
Xiqiao Mountain
Xiqiao Mountain

Xiqiao Mountain is located in Nanhai District, Foshan City, in southern Guangdong Province. It has an average altitude of about 300 meters (984 feet). The main peak is only about 340 meters (1,115 feet) high. The mountain is an ancient extinct volcano, but it has created amazing masterpieces: numerous grotesque cliffs, strange hollows, limpid lakes and spectacular waterfalls cover the whole mountain. Xiqiao Mountain is renowned as an emerald in South Guangdong. It has 72 peaks and 36 hollows. The peaks are grotesque, and the hollows are deep and serene. The major scenic spots include White Cloud Hollow Scenic Spot, Jasper Hollow Scenic Spot, Green Rock Scenic Spot, Kwan-yin of South China Sea Cultural Garden, Yellow Immortal Holy Garden and Wushu Hall of Huang Feihong’s Lion Skill.

XiqiaoMountain has been awarded laurels as “National Key Scenic Spot”, “National AAAA-grade Scenic Spot”, “National Forest Park” and “National Geological Park”. It is embracing visitors from far and near with its natural beauty and profound tourist cultural deposit.

There are regular buses available every half an hour from Guangzhou to Xiqiao from 8:30 – 17:30. You can take this bus at the Guangzhou Fangcun bus station ,Liuhua Bus Station or at the Guangfo bus station. Another option is to take the special line at the Liuhua Hotel direct to Xiqiao Mountain.

Video of Xiqiao Mountain
How to travel to Xiqiao Mountain from Guangzhou
By bus from Fangcun Bus Station, Liuhua Bus Station or Jiaokou Bus Station to Xiqiao Mountain, Get off at Xiqiao Bus Station, go outside the bus station and go along the road (about 200 meters)  until you see the crossing and turn right and you will see the Shuttle Bus Station under the tall Memorial Arch of Xiqiao Mountain. The shuttle bus is free to take you to the Xiqiao Mountain.

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    We are planning a trip to Foshan (China) I would like to know if Xiqiao Mountain is accesible for people in a wheelchair?

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  2. Hello! We are planning a trip to Foshan, what's the bus number to Xiqiao from Fangcun station and how long would it take? Many thanks!

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