Wholesale Market

Guangzhou wholesale market directory offer garments,shoes wholesale information.

Tianhe Gangding Computer Markets

Tain gangding computer markets local at Tianhe lu, Tianhe District, there are more than 20 computer shops at Gangding, like President Digital Harbor which at President Hotel , Buynow Computer Shop, EGO computer Shop, Galaxy Computer Plaza, KB computer Shop, Guangzhou Pacific Computer City Jingqiao Second Hand computer shop and some other computer shops. You can find everything about computers ... Read More »

Guangzhou Haiyin Electric Appliances Market

Haiyin Electric Appliances Markets was inaugurated in September 1991 as the first specialized household electric appliances market in Guangzhou. The market sells up to one thousand different types of brand-name home appliances from home and abroad. As the first electric appliance market under Highsun Group, Haiyin Electric Appliance Market has always upheld the business vision of “Trendy Products and professional ... Read More »

Travel from Guangzhou to Lecong Furniture Market

Shunde, China Furniture Wholesale Market, is located at Shunde district which connects Lecong town and Longjiang town along the 10 km highway to Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China. Shunde has become the largest furniture wholesale market and distribution center in China and the world. It covers a total area of approximately 32.3 million square feet (3 million square meters) and ... Read More »

Haizhu Square

Haizhu Square Haizhu Square is a square for plants and traffic close by the Pearl River, ranging from the north of Haizhu Bridge, Taikang Road, to south of Yide Road, west of Qiaoguang Road and east of Yiyuan. What was once a stronghold of revolutionary fervor (as can be seen from the rifle-thrusting monument in the center of the roundabout) ... Read More »

Guangzhou Highsun Fabric Market

Guangzhou Highsun Fabric Market Guangzhou Highsun Fabric Market where you can pick the material you want and get custom made shirts, business suits, beddings and curtains for a tenth of the cost that you would get it for in most of the western countries. You can get fabric of sundry materials and patterns that can be imagined, of course, of ... Read More »

Zhongda fabric market in Guangzhou

Zhongda fabric market is one of China’s two largest fabric wholesale markets. In the area you will find many buildings, streets and alleys with fabric vendors of all kinds and sizes. From the moment you step out the metro, at Exit D, you are faced with fabric sellers and accessories sellers. You walk about 200 meters straight after the exit ... Read More »

Markets for Cosmetics and Beauty Products in Guangzhou

Meibo City Meibo Center(chinese is meibo cheng)is located at the junction between the airport expressway, Guangyuan East road and Beierhuan highway. Many buses pass by the center and a metro station is within walking distance. The largest Professional cosmetic and beauty product wholesale market of Asian-Pacific area. It is one of the 12 commerce and trade key projects supported by ... Read More »

Guangzhou NanFang Building International Electronic

NanFang Building International Electronic NanFang Building International Electronic located on the north bank of the Pearl River on the city’s Yanjiang Xi Lu, Guangzhou Nanfang Building was built in 1922. It was the city’s first tall building built with reinforcedconcrete. Nanfang Building was former Xin Da Xin Department Store. Later it changed its name to Nanfang Build in 1954. Now ... Read More »

Wholesale Markets of Electronics and Accessories

The extensive blocks along Jiefang Zhong Lu, Zhongshan Liu Lu and nearby Huifu Xi Lu are a world of electronic equipment and components. The crowded markets on Jiefang Zhong Lu are historically celebrated while many stores on Huifu Lu sell power tools and accessories like Bosch and Makita. The markets located around the Nanfang Building and the Cultural Park east ... Read More »

Huadu Shiling Leather Products Center

Just 20 km north of downtown Guangzhou, Huadu district serves as a bridge and transportation hub linking the Pearl River Delta (PRD) and other mainland provinces. It is also the somewhat anonymous district in which the prosperous but little-known town of Shiling is building up into becoming the centre for leather goods and materials to serve the entire country. Not ... Read More »

Guangzhou Metropolis Shoes City

Guangzhou Metropolis Shoes City is the largest footwear “one-stop to buy ” wholesale market in the Pearl River Delta on Guangzhou JieFang Nan Road at the junction with Da Xin Road, the lot is a prime location of footwear and product distribution, it’s for over 100 years, and covers floorage of over 22,000 square meters , consists of over 800 ... Read More »

Guangzhou Baiyun World Leather Trading Centre

Guangzhou Baiyun world leather trading centre is part of Guangzhou’s largest leather product district. You can spend several days in this area, browsing through all the different buildings and side streets. But this building is a good starting point in your quest for fake handbags, belts and accessories. The quality in this market is usually quite good, but you can ... Read More »