Computer and electronics

Computer, mobile and electronics

Tianhe Gangding Computer Markets

Tain gangding computer markets local at Tianhe lu, Tianhe District, there are more than 20 computer shops at Gangding, like President Digital Harbor which at President Hotel , Buynow Computer Shop, EGO computer Shop, Galaxy Computer Plaza, KB computer Shop, Guangzhou Pacific Computer City Jingqiao Second Hand computer shop and some other computer shops. You can find everything about computers …

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Guangzhou Haiyin Electric Appliances Market

Haiyin Electric Appliances Markets was inaugurated in September 1991 as the first specialized household electric appliances market in Guangzhou. The market sells up to one thousand different types of brand-name home appliances from home and abroad. As the first electric appliance market under Highsun Group, Haiyin Electric Appliance Market has always upheld the business vision of “Trendy Products and professional …

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Guangzhou NanFang Building International Electronic

NanFang Building International Electronic NanFang Building International Electronic located on the north bank of the Pearl River on the city’s Yanjiang Xi Lu, Guangzhou Nanfang Building was built in 1922. It was the city’s first tall building built with reinforcedconcrete. Nanfang Building was former Xin Da Xin Department Store. Later it changed its name to Nanfang Build in 1954. Now …

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Wholesale Markets of Electronics and Accessories

The extensive blocks along Jiefang Zhong Lu, Zhongshan Liu Lu and nearby Huifu Xi Lu are a world of electronic equipment and components. The crowded markets on Jiefang Zhong Lu are historically celebrated while many stores on Huifu Lu sell power tools and accessories like Bosch and Makita. The markets located around the Nanfang Building and the Cultural Park east …

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Guangzhou Haiying Computer City

Guangzhou Haiying Computer City currently covers an area of 2,500 square meters, more than 120 existing shops. Operating various types of imported and domestic brand-name computers, multimedia computers, electronic accessories, computer software, computer books, automated office equipment. In addition to the wholesale, retail, but also to provide customers with purchasing, maintenance, undertake computer network engineering and software development services. Address: …

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Haiyin Dasha Tou Second Hand Shop

It is the largest second-hand market in Guangzhou. The main second-hand products includes computers, communication products, motorcycles, digital products, office equipment, and even second-hand home appliances are also available. Haiyin Dasha Tou Second Hand Shop(海印大沙头二手城 ) NO.18, Baiyun Lu, Guangzhou, 广州市越秀区白云路18号 Bus Stop: Da Sha Tou 7、12、18、35、36、41、57、61、80、86、89、125、128、 131、180、184、188、192、194、195、208、211、229、238、240、 242、247、247A、292、431、431、432、434、507、508、508、 513、517、546、562、565、566、569、570、576、864、L2 Suggested Reading Guangzhou NanFang Building International Electronic Wholesale Markets of …

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