Zhongda fabric market in Guangzhou

Zhongda fabric market in Guangzhou

Zhongda fabric market is one of China’s two largest fabric wholesale markets. In the area you will find many buildings, streets and alleys with fabric vendors of all kinds and sizes.

From the moment you step out the metro, at Exit D, you are faced with fabric sellers and accessories sellers. You walk about 200 meters straight after the exit until you arrive at Ruikang Road. That is the main road for this fabric market area. This road is full of large and small markets. Immediately on the corner you’ll find a large accessories market on several floors. Walk a bit further and you have an old 2 storey high fabric market on your right side. On the opposite side of the street is the main market right now (the one marked on our map below). It is modern, with broad walkways, and hundreds of shops on each floor. In the basement you have accessories, and on the other floors fabrics.

Walk further down the street from this market, and you will see a small street with laces and glitter fabrics, then the old original Zhongda Fabric market building, and soon after that – at the end of the street – you have a brand new fabrics market. That market is huge (or will be huge), but since it recently opened, most of the shop spaces are not occupied yet. That market consists of two buildings on each side of the street interconnected through a bridge.

The commercial city covers nearly 50,000 sq.m., With more than 1000 brand traders.
1. A fabric market with 8-10m wide passages
2. A fabric market installed with central fire control spraying system.
3. A fabric market with 24-hour fireproof and theft proof monitoring.
4. A market set with large-scale parking garage.
Main fabrics: silk, cotton, colored fabric, fabric for men’s garments, satin, chemical fabric, fabric for wedding dress, jean, lining, plush, flocking, etc.

How to go there?
Address of main building:
海珠区新港西路中大国际轻纺城 Xingang Xi Lu
Guangzhou Metro: Get off at Sun Yat Sen University, Exit D. Walk straight 200 meters after the exit and turn right on Ruikang Road. Then you will find fabric markets all over that street.

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  9. Hi

    Do most vendors understand english? and do they take cards or is it all cash?

    • Hello there

      I think they know a little english 

      some can speak good english becuase a lot of foreigner buy from here

      they can take cards ,cash, wechat pay , Alipay 

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