Travel from Guangzhou to Lecong Furniture Market

Shunde, China Furniture Wholesale Market, is located at Shunde district which connects Lecong town and Longjiang town along the 10 km highway to Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China.
Shunde has become the largest furniture wholesale market and distribution center in China and the world. It covers a total area of approximately 32.3 million square feet (3 million square meters) and it includes more than 200 modern furniture sales buildings, such as Sunlink Group, Lecong International Furniture Exhibition Center, Shunde Empire Group, Tuanyi International Furniture City and others.

There are 3 ways from Guangzhou to Lecong Furniture Market:

Take a taxi from Guangzhou to Lecong (Foshan), but it will be more expensive than by metro or bus because of the distance between the two cities.

A metro from Guangzhou  to Kuiqi Lu is about 50 minutes and take 20 minutes bus from Kuiqilu Metro Station to Louver  (Guangzhou Metro Map . Taxi from Kuiqi Lu Metro Station to Louvre furnishings is about 15 Yuan.  Maybe taxi is better, save time )

(Last Update on February,17, 2020)

The following shows how to take a metro or bus to Lecong Furniture Market:

Foshan Easyhome


Towards Kuiqi Lu, Foshan

Get off at Kuiqi Lu metro station , Exit C.

The bus stop close to the metro station

Take No 255A bus to Louver Furniture Market

Inside the bus ,how to pay for the bus , 3 yuan for a ticket

8 stops from Kuiqi Lu metro station is Louver, get off at Ji Ju Bo Lan zhong xing

Easyhome Furniture Market 

On the way to Louver, you will see different furniture markets on the both sides. This is Foshan International Furniture Expo Mall , only 3 stops from Kuiqi Lu metro station by bus (5 minutes ) . It is worth visiting. Get off when you see the big building even if you don’t know the name in Chinese. After visiting the Foshan International Furniture Expo Mall ,you take the same bus No 255 A to Louver
Foshan International Furniture Expo Mall is a key renovation demonstration project, a key industry upgrading project and a key urbanization advancement project in Foshan City and has won recognition and support from the leadership at provincial and municipal levels.

More furniture markets are located on both sides of the road.

The Louver Center International

Louvre Furnishings Group, founded in 2000, is a diversified and comprehensive furnishings group based in Lecong, Shunde, the capital city of Chinese furnishings. As the leader of the Chinese furnishings industry, it integrates a global products operation, management in the marketplace, furnishings brands promotion and the creation of furnishings. For over 10 years, the Group has kept advancing forward and has focused on the wider and deeper development of global furniture and the home decoration industry chain. It has founded Louvre International Furniture Expo Center Co., Ltd., Louvre Euramerican Furnishings Co., Ltd and other companies with solid strengths.

Shopping Guide

The Customer Service Center is at the center of the Louver

Free translation is offered

Sunlink Furnket Market

KFC and McDonalds at Sunlink Furniture Market

Lecong International Exhibition Center

In front of the KFC ,you will see the sign to Sunlink Lighting & Kitchen Cabinet City

Walk acrooss the bridge and you will see the red building, it is Sunlink Lighting & Kitchen Cabinet City

The yellow bus stop is close to the Sunlink Lighting & Kitchen Cabinet City .Take No 255A bus back to the Kuiqi Lu metro station ( the last stop, 2 Yuan ). Take a metro back to Guangzhou .

After reading this information and seeing the pictures, you will find it easy to reach the Lecong Furniture Market from Guangzhou .


  1. What’s the nearest hotels to the furniture exhibition centre. Looking for modern design rose wood furniture, loft bed, lightings and carpets Recommendations? Thank you.

    • I think Hotel Fortuna Foshan is close the furniture exhibition centre, they have free shuttle bus to the exhibition , there are all kind of the furinture, I think you can choose some of them , many choices there , a lot of BIG wholesale market around the Lecong .

  2. hello,
    i planned to comng china mid of october for office furniture export purpose.
    kindly provide me details of that location to deal with you.

  3. Do these fair accept retailing purchases and ship overseas? I am there for holiday trip when i heard a friend telling me to try visiting these furniture wholesale for my new house furniture.

    Also should i go to tge individual furniture group or the expo will be fine.

    • Sorry,I am not sure the faire accept retailing purchases and ship overseas ,but you can ask when you was there. I think they can shipping but it is depend on the price .
      China International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou) date at 2016.3.18-2016.3.28, you can have a look if you was in GZ at that time. ,so you can visit the Lecong Furnture market if you miss the furniture fair.

  4. Thanks for this guide. Very useful. I notice this article was posted almost 2 years ago. Are there any changes/ improved ways to get to Lecong? Do you have any recommendations for shipping agent. I am buying for home use only. Do these shops sell 1 piece at a time?

    • Yes, you can go to the Lecong like that way. Take No 255A bus to Louver Furniture Market at Kuiqi Lu Metro Station ,(GuangFo Line)
      you can prine it ,in case you dont know how to go ,
      从地铁魁奇路站C出入口走约450米到地铁魁奇路站总站乘坐 255路A (坐7站)到家具博览中心站(佛山大道南)下。往前走约350米到乐从国际家私城

      yes, you can buy 1 piece , or more, but you can bargain ,Sorry,I dont know any shipping agen, but I am sure the furniture they know.

  5. Hi ,the information is very good. I want to get contemporary design furniture, which mall will you prefer ? Lecong or Louver?

  6. not sure what time you arrrive and how long you stay there. maybe you can take a train from SZ to Guangzhou , take metro to there.

  7. hello,
    i planned to coming in china Guangzhou of 9Jan 2018 for Complete furniture and lights and fancy moduler lights own house purpose.
    kindly provide me details of that location .

  8. Today went to Louvre furniture mall. Bedroom set prices starts from 4000USD, yes you heard it right (from Four Thousand usd) WOW. but need to admit best furnitures in town. 

    You must visit Lauvre to differentiate what is good quality furniture.

    If you are looking for a cheaper furniture market, keep going on the left hand side, when you are facing Louvre main entrance (approx 1km). Bedroom set, price range from 700USD and UP. But you do not want to buy those furnitures (700USD), after seeing the Lauvre.

    Middle quality MDF bedroom set prices from 1000USD.

    I am a very good bargener, however in my surprise, prices are high.

    Do not trust what is in the internet, related to 300$, 400$ furniture, it's a lie!!!

    Hope my post wan't be deleted, since I post the actual prices here.

  9. hi 

    i am planning to visit lecong furniture market in begining october for mordern furniture requirement for my house ..which place do u suggest for the same 

    and how should i go about ?


  10. Furniture market open on 1st to 4th October , 2018?

  11. Can I find Shop fitting furniture

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