There is a huge number of clothing and garment wholesale markets close to Guangzhou railway station.

Guangzhou Jeans Wholesale Markets–Xintang international Jeans city

Xintang international Jeans city is located at east of Guangzhou, beside the Guangzhou-Shenzheng Express way. It set wholesale and retail, apparel research and development, display clothing, textile training, import and export trade, cargo warehousing, business office multifunction integrated to form a combined trading centre, research and development centre, information centre, training centre, logistics centre and be composed of ultra-large-scale Jeans ... Read More »

Liu Hua Clothes Wholesale market

Guangzhou Liuhua clothing wholesale market is located opposite the Guangzhou railway station, adjacent to the Guangzhou Bus Terminal, connecting to the Chinese Export Commodities Fair, the Kan Le Fashion World and the Bai Ma (White Horse) clothes building, and many other garment wholesale market. Liuhua clothing wholesale market has 13 clothing wholesale centres, including a large-including Baima, Bubugao, Tian Ma ... Read More »

Zhan Xi Lu Garment Wholesale Market

Guangzhou Zhan Xi Garment Wholesale Market (Guangzhou Zhan Xi Clothing Wholesale Market) is near to the Guangzhou Railway Station and the provincial bus station.It is the clothing distribution center in Guangzhou and South China. It plays an important role in the China’s clothing wholesale market.Zhan Xi clothing wholesale market have many high-performance , well-known manufacturers. Most of the shops are ... Read More »

Guangzhou Wufu Underwear Market

The general idea of Guangzhou Wufu underwear merchidising center. The biggest and most specialized Underwear wholesale Market, up to 1380 shops ,brands of underwear are more than 1000, Wholesale/ForeignTrade: Brassiere, underpants, nightwear, socks, all-in-one, swimsuit and so on. Established on the 20td October, Wufu underwear wholesele market, with the total area of 38,000 square meter, 1380 shops, international exhibition hall ... Read More »

Guangdong children’s maternal and infant product Plaza

Guangdong children’s maternal and infant product Plaza is located in Zhong Shan Ba Road, Li Wan District. It is Guangzhou`s first franchise of the Women Infant Products Wholesale Market. nearly 10,000 square meters, more than 300 shops to operate children’s maternal and infant products, Layer 3 for Open Sale shopping malls. It brings together China, Hong Kong and Taiwan nearly ... Read More »

Jin Xiang Underwear Wholesale Square

Guangzhou Underwear Wholesale Market Jin Xiang Underwear Wholesale Square is one of the most professional markets in Guangzhou wholesale garment district. It is China’s largest underwear and socks wholesale market. Guangzhou Jin Xiang sock&Underware wholesale Square is located in Zhan Qian Road near Guangzhou Railway station, adjacent Chinese Export Commodities Fair. Guangzhou gathered a lot of underwear and socks manufacturer, ... Read More »

Guangzhou Baima clothing wholesale Market

Guangzhou Baima clothing wholesale Market Guangzhou Baima clothing wholesale Market is close to the Guangzhou Railway Station, located in the ZHAN NAN LU. It is the largest market with the best decoration, matching the most complete and the best managed clothes market in Guangzhou, the largest trading volume in the high-end apparel market. It operate more than 2,000 households, not ... Read More »

Guangzhou Gaodi Street -Household Merchandise Street

Guangzhou’s traditional signature market. North to Haizhu Square. Since 1980, Gaodi Street is developed to be the underwear, swimwear& apparel wholesale street in Guangzhou. Gaodi Street is China’s famous underwear business district “Gaodi Street Shopping Center” overlooks the Pearl River in the south and is adjacent to guangzhou merchandise building, Xindaxin Company, and famous dress shops on xihu road in ... Read More »

Hotels near zhanxi lu(road)

The Zhanxi lu (road) is near the Guangzhou Railway Station. there many hotels near there. You can find one of the hotels from here which near Guangzhou Railway Station. most of them are 3-5 star hotels. you could have other choices when you arrive. most of the hotels are near the guagnzhou wholesale market, like the Guangzhou watch market, Global ... Read More »

Guangzhou Fu Li kids world

Guangzhou Fuli Kids world is the top-level children’s maternal wholesale market in South China. Fuli Kids world is located in Zhongshan Ba (eight) Road, the construction area of over 20,000 square meters,the unique three-dimensional architecture design, children’s wear brand shops, sell children’sproducts, such as maternal and infant supplies everything, large-scale, professional children’s clothes in southern China is the flagship of ... Read More »