Guangzhou NanFang Building International Electronic

NanFang Building International Electronic
NanFang Building International Electronic
Guangzhou  International Electronic

NanFang Building International Electronic located on the north bank of the Pearl River on the city’s Yanjiang Xi Lu, Guangzhou Nanfang Building was built in 1922.
It was the city’s first tall building built with reinforcedconcrete.
Nanfang Building was former Xin Da Xin Department Store. Later it changed its name to Nanfang Build in 1954. Now the building is a hot place for electronic products. Now it is Mobile phones distribution center in Guangzhou. Thousands of spare parts store are run there. You can find anything you are looking for concered with mobile phone.
Adress: NanFang Building International Electronic Digital City,XiDiErMa Road,GuangZhou广州市荔湾区沿江西路49号‎

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