Guangzhou Nantian international hotel facility trading center

Guangzhou Nantian international hotel facility trading center

Guangzhou Nantian international hotel facility trading center(formerly Nantian trading city) was developed by Nantian Plaza Development Co.Ltd. in 1999. It is a comprehensively professional trading market in Guangzhou .
Main Products:
•Kitchen equipment and utensils of Chinese and western styles
-Buffet restaurant facilities, porcelain and glass products
•Freezers, cold room/storage, ice-maker
•Bathroom and bedroom equipments and products, wool knitted products
•Fire-protection equipments, locks, safes, transport carts
•Machine cleansing equipments, cleaning liquids and products, health care products, plastic products
•Elevators, headboard control panel, lighting etc.
Address:Guangzhou Road South and the north-west corner of Luo Xi Bridge,Guangzhou
The most convenient way to get here is by bus 88 which starts off (or ends) from here.
By metro, you take line 3 to Lijiao. You will not find a taxi here, so you need to take a motorbike to the market, which will cost around 8 RMB.

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  1. Hello 

    I am in Sénégal and i'm looking for a supplier for presentation dish for a weeding. Someone talked me about Nantian international hotel and Yifa releases. Can someone please help me To find ris article (450 pcs). 


  2. Hi,

    Good Day.. I’m looking for the basic kitchen Tools and accessories,i want wholesale price, i need to buy plenty and assorted design with good quality, anybody can help me? please.. thank you

    • Hi Maria
      There is a market here also factories. We can assemble and send together from different factories or markets. We ship to Latin America and Middle east for that past 16 years. mail me at – nexstaglobal at yahoo dot com

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