Toys and gift items

ne Link plaza and other markets close to Haizhu square are the most popular toy and gift wholesale markets for foreigners.

Yide Toys&Gifts Wholesale Centre

Yide Toys&Gifts Wholesale centre is the first and largest gifts&toys wholesale centre. Apart from the hundreds of local traditional small roadside Paver, currently has 12 large-scale development of a wholesale shopping mall. The representative malls are: Yide International toy&stationery collectables Plaza 国际玩具文具精品广场 Address: No.390 Yide Road 一德路390号 Yi Jin Yuan Toys&Stationery Market 艺景园精品广场 Address:No.85 Yide East Road. 一德东路085号 Jin Jin …

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Four Biggest Stationery Wholesale Markets in Guangzhou

Guangzhou stationery markets mainly lie in urban areas. Among them, three most well-known ones are Yi Yuan wholesale market for stationery, toy and decoration in Huangsha, culture and education materiel market in Nan’an and comprehensive wholesale market in Yi De Road. Besides, some newly-built wholesale places where you can find all kinds of new arrivals also boom in Fangcun and …

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Hotels near zhanxi lu(road)

The Zhanxi lu (road) is near the Guangzhou Railway Station. there many hotels near there. You can find one of the hotels from here which near Guangzhou Railway Station. most of them are 3-5 star hotels. you could have other choices when you arrive. most of the hotels are near the guagnzhou wholesale market, like the Guangzhou watch market, Global …

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Guangzhou Yiyuan wholesale market

Here attracts some old-brand stationery wholesale markets like Yi Yuan and Xing Zhi Guang, which moved from Yide Road to Huangsha in 1994. The market, comprised of almost a thousand stores and taking up above 10,000 square meters, is divided into A, B two buildings. In the year 1995, Huangsha is chosen as “The Biggest and The Oldest specialised Wholesale …

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Guangzhou International Toys & Gifts Centre

The Guangzhou International Toys & Gifts Centre(“GITGC“) was designed to be the world’s largest permanent “toys and gifts exchange”. Located in the Guangzhou Huang Pu International Logistics Park, the GITGC is part of the Pearl River Delta’s booming economic hub. Supported by a sophisticated transportation network, the district is linked to all regions in China and over 100 cities and …

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Guangzhou OneLink Plaza

Guangzhou OneLink Plaza position in largest city of Guangzhou in southern China, is a professional wholesale toys, gifts, beauty tools for large commercial space capabilities, there are thousands of shops and at least ten billion in trade every year.Onelink here has 41 land, environmental goods developed device. At first glance, looks like a regular mall, but is actually a wholesale market. …

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