Haiyin Dasha Tou Second Hand Shop

Haiyin Dasha Tou Second Hand Shop

It is the largest second-hand market in Guangzhou. The main second-hand products includes computers, communication products, motorcycles, digital products, office equipment, and even second-hand home appliances are also available.

Haiyin Dasha Tou Second Hand Shop(海印大沙头二手城 )
NO.18, Baiyun Lu, Guangzhou, 广州市越秀区白云路18号
Bus Stop: Da Sha Tou

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  1. Ma. Theresa De Guzman

    Good day! Is there a Metro from Haizhu Square going to Dasha Tou?

  2. Where can I sell Us made furnitures ? I lived in Guangzhou.

  3. were can i find mobile phone accessories wholesaler

  4. i’m Looking Manufacturer of Cell Phone Walket Case. or Mobile Phone Accessories.

  5. Hey i need second hand phone chargers where can get them from?

  6. Have somebody we chat from any shop at da sha tou??? I need some shop for hair clippers? Tnx

  7. Hi i am Fayaz interested second hand mobile regular business with china how i contact business partner in china or shop

  8. Hello, where is the best place for sale second had laptops??

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