Wholesale Markets of Electronics and Accessories

Guangzhou Wholesale Markets of Electronics and Accessories

The extensive blocks along Jiefang Zhong Lu, Zhongshan Liu Lu and nearby Huifu Xi Lu are a world of electronic equipment and components.
The crowded markets on Jiefang Zhong Lu are historically celebrated while many stores on Huifu Lu sell power tools and accessories like Bosch and Makita.
The markets located around the Nanfang Building and the Cultural Park east of Shamian Island are another kind of sphere, focusing mainly on cell phones and accessories.
The business belt extends to Liu Er San Lu to Binhai Market.
There are quite a few ‘fake’ products in these markets, many with attractively low prices.

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  1. Dear,
    I am Goran from Serbia, Europe.Currently living in Guangzhou.I have many customers in this part of Europe who want to be engaged in the acquisition and control of electronic products and parts for mobile phones,cables…. and other related products.I want to find a good and reliable company with which they can make a good cooperation.Are you interested in cooperation?

  2. hi I would like to find the hotel room lock and cctv item, where is the best place can view.

  3. Hi, I would like to find security equipment for residential projects. Please advise where is the best wholesale market in china to procure? Thanks

  4. Hello,

    Where would be the best place to find cell phone accessories in Guangzhou? Thanks

  5. hi there

    i visit GZ a few times a year for business but never got the time to find the area where they sell
    electronic spare parts
    like transistors and ics and stuff like that.

    can anyone point me in the right direction?
    in in GZ next week for few days and i might have a half day to spend

    also i am looking for some one living in that area that could purchase parts for me and ship them to thailand

    please send me a email with any info you have


    • I think u should go to huaqiang road ,shenzhen to purchase electronic components.there u will see big matket for electronic components called seg plaza

  6. I want to purchase Cellphone repair and diagnostic tools. Can someone tell me the place i can purchase them in Guangzhou.

    Also please tell me if English is understanable there since i was told people dont understand English in Guangzhou.


  7. go to Gangding compuare market or the Pacific computer Market, you just say buy some “special camera ” they will show you!

  8. I arrived yesterday from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to Guangzhou. today visiting the furniture town in Lecong the problem what I encountered is communication problem no one found to speak english except few foreigners. i would like to ask any volutnteers that, can you guide me where shall get quality products like clothing (suits, t shirts, treausers, jackets, branded shoes both snieker and leather) and related items to purchase for personal use,

    Many thanks,

  9. I would like to buy 1000 memories cards 4, 8,16, 32, 64 and 128 . I would like the prix

  10. I want to buy Laptop spares like Body cover, keyboard, LCD etc from Guangzhou, so anybody can suggest where I can get? 

  11. Hi, I need some shop for hair clippers? Have anybody any contact, we chat… Tnx

  12. Hello I’m going to Guangzhou in a couple of weeks and was wondering if there’s a market which sells transreceiver radios that work on vhf 108-137mhz.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated

  13. Need Lenovo, Dell and HP computer supliyer in Guangzou

  14. Hi
    We interested mobile phone accessories & Electronics items import and distribute in Sri Lanka .any suppliers please give your product details catlog and good price list to my email. Every month we want big lot .this is long term business .

  15. Anastasie Sinita James

    I would like the price for mobile phone, camera and computer this is for my business.

  16. Hie where can l get compatable toner catridge chip in gaunzhou

  17. citizen kwakye Akro

    Pls where can I get men dress and sneakers to buy, any help?

  18. citizen kwakye Akro

    Where in Guangzhou can I find men dress and sneakers to buy ,I mean wholesales shops

  19. Hi,  I m James Dogani from Tanzania,  expecting to vist china for wrist watches  bulk purchase,  we're to get with good price? 

  20. Hi,  I m  from Tanzania,  expecting to vist china for wrist watches  bulk purchase,  we're to get with good price? 

  21. Need to travel to China  for wrist watches business,  which place has affordable price,  I'm from Tanzania. 

  22. Need  travelling to china for buying  low price wrist watches,   I have no any idea about  china,  is there any body to help me,  I'm from Tanzania. 

  23. Needs low price wrist watches,  where to get in China,  I'm from Tanzania 

  24. I'd like to buy wholesale for my business, please email me your catalogue.

    And also the price list for wholesale.


  25. I am in the USA, I am interested in the electronic business. Can you give me full price of phones, ear piece, waist watch, phone cases, TV and tablets Etc. 

  26. Hello, 

    I am looking for mobile phone lcd, touch, flex cables, charger ports, covers, china tablet touch, and table touch for iphone tablets ect.. can you please send me some shops names and numbers who wholesale these products, I meed the best cheapest prices, I have been buying in china for a long time now and I am looking for nee suppliers. I am a china trading company from shenzhen, china. However, I export goods to other countries to my customers. I have a collegue in china who is partner with me. 

    Please email my Wcpi@hotmail.com

    my name is Rossana





  27. hi, 

    This is Mamadou from Senegal . I am interested in buying a product in the telecommunications field: optical fiber drawers and fusion splicers. Please contact me ASAP. Thank You!

  28. Hi, am currently in China, Qingdao specifically. I need a link up for phones, laptops etc for business in my country, Ghana

  29. Guys…im from dubai…i want latest mobile chargers..car chargers..head fone for iphone and samsung…mobile covers..powerbank ..etc..plz keep it mind dat i need all dis item being from.one company …like same brand …can anyone help me..sum1 there in ganzou

    • Yes bro i am in guangzhou done a shippemts to india so if you need your own brand i can get it frim the same company.contact me wechat id-faithpram

  30. Hi,
    I am coming to Guangzhou to buy the following products
    1) Power bank , USB Charging chords, Headphones, Earphone.
    2) Kids Toys
    3) Homecare products like Mixer, iron,bottles etc.
    4) Gym gloves etc

    Can someone tell me where should i go to find these things.
    my Email ID- vorachintan93@gmail.com

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