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Cantonese opera

Cantonese opera is one of the major categories in Chinese opera, originating in southern China’s Cantonese culture. It is popular in Guangdong, Guangxi, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Malaysia. Like all versions of Chinese opera, it is a traditional Chinese art form, involving music, singing, martial arts, acrobatics, and acting. 粵劇 (Yuèjù) should not be confused with 越劇 (Yuèjù), the ... Read More »

Guangdong Yueju Opera Theater

The Guangdong Yueju Opera Theater was founded on November 1, 1958 on the basis of the Guangdong Cantonese Opera Troupe, which was founded in 1953. The theater boosts a plethora of famous Yueju Opera artists from various generations and classes, like Ma Shizeng, Hongxinnu, Luo Pinchao, Bai Jurong, Luo Jiabao and Lin Xiaoqun, to name a few. Represented by the ... Read More »

Guangzhou History

Guangzhou is a historical city with over 2,210 years of history. It was the capital city for the Nan Yue (South Yue, 南越) dynasty (203 AD – 111 AD). After a history of over 2000 years of Chinese culture influenced by many foreign cultures, Guangzhou boasts its unique Lingnan culture (岭南文化), which was reflected in many aspect of modern Guangzhou, ... Read More »

Guangdong music

Guangdong music, also known as Cantonese music is a style of traditional Chinese instrumental music from Guangzhou and surrounding areas in Pearl River Delta of Guangdong Province on the southern coast of China. The name of the music is not an accurate description because Guangdong music is not the only music of the whole Guangdong area. Since the 1930s, the ... Read More »

Museums in Guangzhou

Centered in the Guangdong Province of southern China is Guangzhou, a bustling capital. A collection of industry and culture, it remains a constant favorite of tourists–with many citing Guangzhou Museums as the perfect complement to any holiday. Here is about some museums in guangzhou Guangzhou Museum of Art Ranked among the country’s grandest attractions, with contemporary lines and glass curves, ... Read More »

Guangzhou puppet

Center of Guangzhou puppet art at official on September 22, 2003 start business, undertook namely the opening ceremony of match of shadow of skin of puppet of the 2nd whole nation mixes golden lion award first match and perform in public of follow-up match view and emulate 7 showing number. If you are interested in puppet show,going to Guangzhou not ... Read More »

Wong Lo Kat

Wang Lao ji herb tea (Wong Lo Kat) was established in the Qing Dynasty, has been more than 170 years of history, enjoying the reputation of “ancestor of Chinese herb tea”; Liangcha (literally, Herbal tea) is a China’s unique herb-stewed drink, cold and cool as herbs, which can eliminate the body’s heat in summer or treat sore throat and other ... Read More »

Guangzhou Wood Carvings

Wood Carvings Wood carving is just one of the carvings in Guangzhou. It is famous for refinement and careful technics. Woodcarving can be divided into architecture decoration and furniture carving. The wood carving art has a history as long as other carving arts. Wood carving started from the spring and autumn and Warring States periods of China, through Tang, Song, ... Read More »

Table Manners

Talking about eating habit, unlike the West, where everyone has their own plate of food, in China the dishes are placed on the table and everybody shares. If you are being treated by a Chinese host, be prepared for a ton of food. Chinese are very proud of their culture of cuisine and will do their best to show their ... Read More »

Lingnan Impression Park

Guangzhou Lingnan Impressive Park If you have an interest in Guangzhou and its culture beyond food and shopping, you will find this a worthwhile attraction. Despite being out of the way, the subway and a walk/motorbike ride will get you there. The park resembles an old town, with beautiful traditional buildings, a lake with a shadow puppet pavilion and a ... Read More »

Gift Giving

Chinese do not usually accept a gift, invitation or favor when it is first presented. Politely refusing two or three times is thought to reflect modesty and humility. Accepting something in haste makes a person look aggressive and greedy, as does opening it in front of the giver. Traditionally the monetary value of a gift indicated the importance of a ... Read More »

Five Goats of Guangzhou

Guangzhou is situated in the south of the China’s Mainland, in the north of the Pearl River Delta, the confluence of Dongjiang (East River), Xijiang(West River), Beijiang(North River), verging on South China Sea with Beiyun Mountain at the back. It is warm with flourishing blossoms all year round. Guangzhou is an ancient city in China and a historic cultural metropolitan ... Read More »