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Wong Lo Kat

Wang Lao ji herb tea (Wong Lo Kat) was established in the Qing Dynasty, has been more than 170 years of history, enjoying the reputation of “ancestor of Chinese herb tea”; Liangcha (literally, Herbal tea) is a China’s unique herb-stewed drink, cold and cool as herbs, which can eliminate the body’s heat in summer or treat sore throat and other ... Read More »

Guangzhou Kapok

Kapok is a kind of tropical tree found across Guangzhou and known to Chinese people as “Cotton Tree” (Mumian). People in Guangzhou have long grown Kapok trees, using its cotton to make clothes and its flowers as medicine. Cantonese consider they have a strong spirit which pushes it to grow high into the sunlight. In 1982, Kapok flowers were chosen ... Read More »

Zhujiang Beer (Pearl River Beer)

Zhujiang Brewery was established in 1985 and is a large state-owned enterprise which deals mainly in beer and related products such as labels, cartons, crates, etc. The brewery is one of the largest single site production facilities in the world, and produces Zhujiang Beer. Zhujiang beer (Pearl River Beer珠江啤酒) is a 5.3% abv pale lager, and is one of 4 ... Read More »


Litchi is the “King of Fruits”(Chinese is lizhi). Guangzhou is rich in litchi, especially in Conghua and Zengcheng these two cities. Zengcheng Gua Lu is a kind of rare litchi originally in Zengcheng (a beautiful city in Guangdong province). Zengcheng located in the center of Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou is the “Golden Aisle” connected these three cities. This city ... Read More »

Mango(Chinese Mango)

Mango is a tropical fruit consisting of many genera. It has gotten the reputation of “The King of Tropical Fruits”. It is indigenous in East Asia, Burma and Assam. Mango tree belongs to the family of evergreen arbor. It is a kind of ideal decoration tree. In Guangzhou there are a lot of mango trees planted by street sides. Guangzhou ... Read More »

Guangzhou guava

Guangzhou guava was source from America. It has brought into Guangzhou for above 200 years. Guavas of are planted in these administrative districts of Guangzhou: Haizhu District, Panyu District, Zengcheng and so on. Species are varied with interested Chinese names like Zao Shu Ri, Gong Fen Hong, Chu Shi Hong, Qi Yue Shi, etc. Guava fruit is in calabash shape, ... Read More »

Guangdong Embroidery

Yue Embroidery Guangdong (Guang) Embroidery also named “Yue Embroidery”. Yue Embroidery is one the famous four Chinese embroideries- Su Embroidery, Xiang Embroidery, Yue Embroidery and Shu Embroidery. Yue Embroidery is a general designation of folk embroidery of Guangzhou and its nearby areas such as Nan Hai, Panyu, Shun De and so on. Yue embroidery has a manufacture history of about ... Read More »

Ivory carving of Guangzhou

Ivory Carging According to the history record, Chinese ivory craftwork has a history of 3000 years. Guangzhou ivory carving turned up in Jin Dynasty about 2000 years ago. Ivory carving of Guangzhou was prosperous at the later stage of Ming Dynasty. After development through ages, it became gradually famous specialty in Guangzhou. There are 5 pieces of big ivory of ... Read More »

Guangzhou Wood Carvings

Wood Carvings Wood carving is just one of the carvings in Guangzhou. It is famous for refinement and careful technics. Woodcarving can be divided into architecture decoration and furniture carving. The wood carving art has a history as long as other carving arts. Wood carving started from the spring and autumn and Warring States periods of China, through Tang, Song, ... Read More »

Colored Glazed Pottery of Guangzhou

Colored Glazed Pottery of Guangzhou in Chinese is “Guangzhou Cai Ci” and called “Guang Cai” for short. It is colored drawing in all kinds of white potteries and then fired into craftworks full of oriental features. Cuang Cai usually adopted Chinese brocade design is famous for flowery colors and is a unique genus of Chinese colored glazed pottery. Zhi Jin ... Read More »

Guangzhou Bonsai

When in Guangzhou you can find bonsai everywhere. Guangzhou is a city who loves Lingnan Bonsai. Lingnan Bonsai art is one of the five art genres in China. It takes trees, stones, etc as materials. After art processing and careful cultivation, the bonsai are reproducing natural scenic for people. The facture of Lingna bonsai often choose subtropical and tropical evergreen ... Read More »

Guangzhou Jade Carving

Cantonese thinks that jade like ivory is auspicious and lucky and could guard against evil and avoid disasters, so they love jade very much and consider jade a dear to their heart. Most men and women of Guangzhou are wearing jade carving pendants round their neck, with jade rings on their fingers or jade bangles round their arms. Jade Carving ... Read More »