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Zhen Gong Fu (kungfu)

Kungfu Catering Management Co., Ltd., established in 1994, currently possesses over 300 restaurants as the Chinese fast foods chain with most restaurants and biggest size. With Chinese authorities growing increasingly nationalistic and the rest of the population following suit, locally branded fast-food chains are making an impromptu resurgence. Rather surprisingly, given what a huge hit Western chains were when they ... Read More »

Tips for Eating and Drinking

You will be using chopsticks for most meals in Chinese restaurants here in Guangzhou, so practice before coming. You will find Western utensils available in most restaurants (fork, spoon and knife). Guangzhou has the best cuisine. There is no other province that can compare to Guangzhou. Guangdong Province has some of the best and fertile land in China. In Guangzhou, ... Read More »

Tao Tao JuRestaurant

Tao Tao Ju Restaurant Tao Tao Ju Restaurant started business in 1880(the sixth year of Qing Emperor Guangxu’s reign). With a history of 131 years, Huang Chengbo established it. And it was the outstanding restaurant in Guangzhou. What’s more, China Domestic Trade Bureau authorizes it as the National special-class Restaurant in 1997. Dim Sum at this restaurant is particular famous. ... Read More »

Pan Xi Restaurant

Panxi Restaurant Pan Xi Restaurant is a large-scale garden-style restaurant. It is located on the bank of beautiful Li Wan Lake. It occupies an area of 12,000 sq. Meters and is the site of “Chang Hua Garden”, an imperial garden of the king of Nan Han Dynasty. Pan Xi Restaurant, ranking No. 1 of the three garden-style restaurants of Guangzhou, ... Read More »

Lian Xiang Lou Restaurant

Lian Xiang Lou Restaurant Lian Xiang Lou Restaurant was founded in 1889, Guangzhou Lian Xiang Lou was initially engaging in cakes and biscuits, the unique lotus seed paste cakes enjoyed high quality and tenderness and its lotus flavor was highly famed. Lian Xiang Lou Restaurant is known as “the best Lotus-seed-Paste” because the lotus-seed-paste there is smooth and luscious. The ... Read More »

Guangzhou restaurant

Guangzhou Restaurant Guangzhou restaurant is located at the corner of Wenchang Nan Road and the famous Shangxiajiu Street in the Li Wan district. It is a garden-style restaurant. It has been praised “The No.1 restaurant in Guangzhou”, has a long and distinguished history dating back to 1935. House specialties include Shrimp roe with orange, Casserole of Pork with chili and ... Read More »

Bei Yuan Restaurant

Guangzhou Bei Yuan Restaurant Inside of the Bei Yuan Restaurant The Cantonese seem to be the most raucous of all Chinese, and the main restaurant choices for classic Cantonese food, or for dim sum, are bedlam. The Bei Yuan Restaurant dates from the 1920s, although the current two-story building with courtyards is newer, built around a garden and pond. There’s ... Read More »

Hongxing Seafood Restaurant

Hongxing Seafood Restaurant (Qiaoguan Branch) Its typical chinese restaurant where you can see in the drama series , you will need to queue and they will give you a number and wait for your turn . If the restaurant its very pack you will need to share table with others Provide Cantonese cuisine and seafood. Traditional Chinese restaurant. Many kinds ... Read More »

Guangzhou Nanxin Milk & Dessert

Nanxin Milk & Dessert Nanxin’s Milk Jelly was found by Huang Jingyun in 1939. “Milk jelly” is also called “Double-skin milk” by the locals. Nanxin’s milk jelly was praised as the best in the city during last 80’s. Nanxin’s special milk jelly is made of milk from water buffalo. Only the buffalo milk can coagulate when cooled. Nanxin’s ginger-milk is ... Read More »

1920 Restaurant (german food)

  This very popular place is self-proclaimed as Guangzhou’s first German restaurant.1920 is a German bar in Guangzhou in a building dating from 1920. a converging city of international food, where authentic German beer and delicacies are catered. It’s a place owned and operated by a Bavarian from Germany, presenting friendly atmosphere and German food and beer. Many foreigners who ... Read More »