Guangdong Yueju Opera Theater

Guangdong Yueju Opera Theater

The Guangdong Yueju Opera Theater was founded on November 1, 1958 on the basis of the Guangdong Cantonese Opera Troupe, which was founded in 1953.
The theater boosts a plethora of famous Yueju Opera artists from various generations and classes, like Ma Shizeng, Hongxinnu, Luo Pinchao, Bai Jurong, Luo Jiabao and Lin Xiaoqun, to name a few. Represented by the current art director Guan Guohua, the troupe also boasts a group of great playwrights, directors, performers, musicians and stage art designers of high artistic achievements. Famous performers Ding Fan, Chen Yunhong, Cao Xiuqin and Wu Guohua have successively won the Plum Blossom Award for Chinese Opera, among whom, Ding Fan and Chen Yunhong have also won the “Wenhua Award” for performance issued by the Ministry of Culture.
Since its inception, the theater has produced and staged over 400 plays. Many of them are classical operas, such as “Searching the Academy”, “Guan Hanqing” and “Story of a Mountain Village,” including some contemporary plays, such as “Forty Years of Broken Dreams,” “Unforgettable Zhujiang Alley,” “Legend of Lun Wenqin” and “Lady Umbrella.” Among them, “Unforgettable Zhujiang Alley” won a prize for the excellent play at the 2nd Chinese Opera Festival and the first Wenhua Award for new repertoire. “Legend of Lun Wenqin” also won the Wenhua Award for new repertoire and the Guangdong Lu Xun Literature Award. “Lady Umbrella” won the prize for best play at the 5th Chinese Opera Festival and the Silver Prize of the Peacock Award from the Ministry of Culture in 1998.
The theater has two troupes — the No 1 and No 2 troupes. The theater has paid performing visits to the Vietnam, DPRK, United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, as well as Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao regions, receiving a warm reception.
Currently, the troupe is preparing to construct a performance plaza for Yuejue Opera with the synthesized function of creation and research, artistic training, artistic exchange, performance, museum, audio and video purposes to attract capable artists and promote the development of Yueju Opera.
Guangdong Yueju Opera Theater
Add: No 703, Dong Feng Dong Rd.
Tel: 8666 4878, 8762 3262
Fax: 8762 3262
ZIP: 510080

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