Qi Xi Festival

Qixi Festival

Also known as Magpie Festival, Qi Xi Festival it always falls on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month on the Chinese Calendar. It is sometimes called Chinese Valentine’s Day in recent years. The Qixi festival is a romantic modern twist on an ancient tale – and a celebration that is being hailed as China’s answer to Valentine’s Day. But like Valentine’s Day, some say Qixi is more about profits than passion.
The Qi-Xi festival is not very widely celebrated, due to its origins and its niche following. But in my much earlier memory, I used to love the Qi-Xi because of the harmonious feeling it gave me, as all the female family members sat on the back balcony at night with all the fresh flowers, fresh fruits and finger food, praying to the stars and I was never tired of listening to all the old legends my late granny had in store for me.
The Qixi Festival has been observed in China for two millennia. But since the western Valentine’s Day found its way into China in the 1990s, people began to embrace the exotic festival with growing enthusiasm, while the traditional Chinese lovers’ day became largely ignored.

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