6th Ave. Cafe

A very popular cafe for foreign and business people, a place is very suitable for dating. with a snazzy interior, as well as outdoor and indoor sofas. A lot of attention has been paid to the environment, and it makes for a pleasant and relaxed drink.
Having a cup of coffee or chewing some snacks and watching persons passed by, that is a very pleasant and relaxed thing. Some people like to sit in the comfortable sofa reading a book when have a cup of drink in a lazy sunny afternoon.
The wine also tastes good as well as the ice cream and the ice coffee. COCKTAIL is also a good choice. To sum up. A good place for relaxing!
Address: 41 Jianshe Liu Ma Lu, Yuexiu District 越秀区建设六马路41号
Booking no : (020) 83766608
Opening Hours: 10:30am-11:00pm

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