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All starbucks in Guanghzou

Tianhe District

Victory plaza

天河区天河路228号正佳广场1楼1A008-009铺 Chinese:天河区体育西路101号维多利广场1-2楼
Address:Shop 217Q, 218Q 2/F & Shop 115B, 116 G/F, Victory plaza, 101 Ti yu xi Road, Tianhe district, Guangzhou
Tel: 020-38892779

Jinlilai building
Address:Shop 01 G/F, Jinlilai Building, 138 Ti yu Dong Road, Tianhe district, Guangzhou, China
Tel: 020-38781266
Chinese: 天河区体育东路138号金利来数码网络大厦首层01号单元

Bercy Plaza Store
Address:Shop 1/29、1/29A、1/30A、1/30B G/F, Bercy Plaza, 191 Tiyuxi Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
Tel: 020-38922050

Sky Metro City
Address:Shop 11, G/F Guangzhou East Station Sky Metro City,63 Lin He Zhong road, Guangzhou

Buynow Plaza(Computer Shop)
Address:Shop-1F, G/F. Buy Now Technology Mansion,596 Tianhe road. Tianhe district,Guangzhou
Chinese: 天河区天河路596号百脑汇科技大厦B1-1楼
Tel: 020-85265921

Citic Plaza
Address:Shop214、215B, 2F Citic Plaza,233 Tianhe Bei Road,Tianhe district,Guangzhou
Chinese: 天河区天河北路233号中信广场中天购物城2楼214-215B铺
Tel: 020-38772237

Poli Xiangbin Garden
Address:Shop07-08, East section, Poli Xiangbin Garden, 46-52h Huali road, Zhujiang New Town (Pearl River New city), Guangzhou
Tel: 020-38373501

East Railway Station Guangzhou
Address:G/F, Guangzhou East Railway Station, 1 East Station Road, Tianhe district, Guangzhou
Tel: 020-61311363

Youth’s zone
Address:Shop 108、109、134、136, GF, Youth’s Zone, 186 Zhongshan Avenue west,Guangzhou
Chinese: 天河区中山大道西186号东方都会广场1楼108-109、134、136号铺
Tel: 020-85643523

Baifu plaza Store
Address:Shop A2, G/F Baifu Plaza, 112 Tiyudong road, Tianhe district, Guangzhou
Chinese: 天河区体育东路112号百福广场首层A2铺
Tel: 020-38805568
Business hour:7:30-23:00

Guangzhou Center Plaza store
Address:Shop 105, G/F , Center plaza, 161 Linhe Xi Road, Guangzhou, PRC
Chinese: 天河区林和西路161号中泰国际广场1楼105号铺
Tel: 020-38370723
Business hour:07:00-22:00

Guangzhou Tianhe Bei Longkou store
Address:Shop A, G/F, 476 Tianhe Bei Road, Guangzhou, PRC
Tel: 020-87518406
Business hour:07:30-23:00

Guangzhou Grandview Plaza store
Address:Shop 1A008 & 1A009, G/F, Grandview Plaza, 228 Tianhe Road, Guangzhou, PRC
Chinese: 天河区天河路228号正佳广场1楼1A008-009铺
Tel: 020-38331006
Business hour:07:30-23:30

Guangzhou Teemall store
Address:Shop 103C, North Gate, G/F, Teemall, 208 Tianhe Road, Guangzhou, PRC
Chinese: 天河区天河路208号天河城1楼北门103C铺
Tel: 020-85590022
Business hour:10:00-22:00 (weekend 22:30)

Yuexiu District

Guangzhou Modern Mall
Address:Shop A6, G/F, Modern mall, No.4 & 6 Nonlinxia road Guangzhou
Chinese: 越秀区农林下路4-6号东山锦轩大厦1楼A6号铺
Tel: 87611901

Comic City store
Address:Shop E1107A, Shop ED001,Shop ED002, Comic city,No. 1, Jixiang Road, Yuexiu district,Guangzhou
Chinese: 越秀区吉祥路1号动漫星城B1楼E1107A号铺
Tel: 020-62681018
Business hour:09:00-22:00

Guangzhou Peace World Plaza store
Address:Shop 101 102B and 203A, Peace World Plaza, World Trade Mall 362-363 Huan Shi Dong Road, Guangzhou, PRC
Chinese: 越秀区环市东路362-363号好世界广场101-102B及203A号铺
Tel: 020-83752196
Business hour:07:00-23:30

Guaqngzhou China Plaza store
Address:Shop A23, B1/F, China Plaza, 33 Zhongshan 3rd Road, Guangzhou, PRC
Chinese: 越秀区中山三路33号中华广场B1楼A23号铺
Tel: 020-83739448
Business hour:10:00-22:00

Guangzhou Taojin store
Address:Shop 106, G/F Guangzhou Friendship Store, 369 Huanshi Dong Road, Guangzhou, PRC
Chinese: 越秀区广州市越秀区环市东路369号广州友谊商店首层105室
Tel: 020-83508891
Business hour:07:00-23:30

Guangzhou China Hotel store
Address:Shop S125, S155 G/F China Hotel, 1 LiuHua Road, Guangzhou, PRC
Chinese: 越秀区流花路120号中国大酒店1楼S125-S155铺
Tel: 020-86660303
Business hour:07:00-23:30

Haizhu District

Grandbuy Sunny Mall Store
Address:Shop 1-7,G/F Grandbuy Sunny Mall, 498 Baogang Avenue,Haizhu district,Guangzhou
Chinese: 海珠区宝岗大道498号新一城广场1楼自编1-7号
Tel: 020-34229613
Business hour:07:00-23:30

Liwan District

Xin Guang
Address:G/2F,Simgo plaza, 666 Kang Wang Zhong Road,Yuexiu district,Guangzhou
Chinese: 荔湾区康王中路666号新光城市广场1-2楼
Tel: 81336610

Shamian Store
Address:No.50-52 Shamian street, Liwan district, Guangzhou
Tel: 020-81214080
Business hour:7:00-23:00

Hudu District

Baiyun Airport 2 Store
Address:No. B8005, 2F, West 3rd Corridor, GZ Baiyun Airport Departure
Tel: 020-37152212

Baiyun international airport
Address:C7,3/F East 2nd Corridor, baiyun international airport. Huadu district, Guangzhou
Tel: 020-36067423

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