Bangkok City Thai Restaurant

Bangkok City Thai Restaurant
Bangkok City Thai Restaurant

Bangkok City Thai Restaurant is a high-end Thai restaurant located on Tianhe North Road. The environment here is very good, very quiet, very fitting sense of Southeast Asia and it was filled with tropical Thailand decorations.

You must be attracted by our special Thailand feeling, small bridge, gold elephant sculpture and some Thailand wall pictures. To make you feel just like entering Thailand, sour, hot, fresh, all significant characteristics are different.

The chef of Bangkok City Thai Restaurant is a local Thai, has been engaged in cooking in Hongkong restaurant. After he came to Guangzhou, he found that people here are easier to adopt new things, thus he is more confident in pushing Thai food.

We still insist on purchasing the raw materials from Thailand, in order to make the original Thai cuisine.

Add: C01,4/F, CITIC Plaza, Tianhe Bei Rd, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
Tel: 020-38773588

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