Bei Yuan Restaurant

guangzhou restaurant
Guangzhou Bei Yuan Restaurant
Beiyuan restaurant
Inside of the Bei Yuan Restaurant
Bei Yuan Restaurant

The Cantonese seem to be the most raucous of all Chinese, and the main restaurant choices for classic Cantonese food, or for dim sum, are bedlam.
The Bei Yuan Restaurant dates from the 1920s, although the current two-story building with courtyards is newer, built around a garden and pond. There’s dim sum here all day (about ¥4/50¢/25p per steamer) and a generous menu of Cantonese classics, with some English translations. Try huadiao zhu ji (chicken cooked in yellow wine — although some might argue this is really a Zhejiang dish), tang cu su rou (sweet-and-sour pork), and jiuhuang rou si (sliced pork with yellow chives). There is a separate dining hall serving Chiu Chow cuisine from eastern Guangdong: it goes in for piquant sauces and its chefs have a famous way with goose and duck.
It claimed that it wanted to be the garden for people of Guangzhou; after being renovated, everything such as its unique classic style structure, its pavilions, and its ambiance are still the same, but not its food quality which is greatly reduced.
The typically garish carpets, screens, and chandeliers are in odd contrast to a central green space. There are twin entrances — the left is for the traditional Cantonese dishes; the right is for a Chaozhou (Chiu Chow) restaurant, with the roast goose dishes typical of that area of northeast Guangdong.
The specialties of Bei Yuan Restaurant are Oiled Shelled Shrimp. Suburbs Fish Head, Duck Palm in Oyster Sauce, Fried Chicken Breast, Sweet-Scented Balls Roasted Goose, Sauted Chicken in Rice Wine, Fish with Pine Nuts, and Fragrance Fulfill the Jug. The special pastry include Lingnan Litchi, Mint with Lotus, Jade Pineapple, and Watermelon Cream Jelly. The flavor is really wonderful.
Location: Yuexiu
Cuisine Category: Cantonese
Pricing Category: Low-Medium (100→250Y)
Cost per person: ¥160
Payment: cash/credit card
Address: No. 200-202, Xiaobei Road Yuexiu District 越秀区小北路200-202号
Booking no: (020) 83563365

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