Buongiorno – Italian invested, managed and prepared, features two chefs, Alberto on spaghetti and Gigi on fish and meat.

Buongiorno, Guangzhou is the 7th eatery in its chain – the other 6 are in Vietnam.

Its menu is quite Italian, featuring fresh home-made pastas, some great meat and fish dishes, risotto, salads, soups, delicious desserts (don’t miss Tiramisu) and the original thin crusted Italian pizza. There’s also a large selection of Italian and International Wines, Grappa and an authentic Italian Espresso.

Inside the Buongiorno
Inside the Buongiorno

And busy it gets, especially during exhibition season. The restaurant is very popular with foreigners mainly because the food is about as authentic as you can get in China. The owners have focussed on making Italian food that Italians would be happy with. This is demonstrated in the high prices and the high quality. Pizzas are very tasty, with perfect bread and just the right amount of toppings.
Buongiorno has a warm and welcoming atmosphere, catering pleasing dining experiences.

Add: 3/F, Yian Plaza, Jiansheliu lu(Rd) (west to Garden Hotel)
Chinese Add: 越秀区建设六马路宜安广场3楼304-310号
Tell: 8363 3587

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