Starbucks(Teemall Branch)

Since its first branch was established in Beijing, January 1999, Starbucks have been flourishing in mainland China. Its shops in China are usually located in the most prosperous shopping centers or the most popular places of interest. It was ever located in the Forbidden Palace in Beijing, a symbol of Chinese long history and ancient culture. Starbucks guarantees to provide ... Read More »

Guangzhou Haagen-Dazs

Step into a Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream shop and indulge in irresistible creations made with all-natural Haagen-Dazs ice creams and sorbets. Explore our refreshing array of frozen beverages, from fruit smoothies to Sorbet Sippers. Or create your own custom dessert, choosing from our wide selection of flavors and toppings. It is a way of doing business that is as demanding as ... Read More »

Boca Cafe

Boca Cafe is the first location in Guangzhou that stays true to the Café concept. Our belief is it should emulate the warm feeling that is found across all small towns where the café is the principal place to gather and socialize. This desire for companionship and the craving for a great culinary and coffee experience is what inspires us. ... Read More »

Blenz Coffee

Shop 113, CITIC Plaza, Tian He Bei Lu Blenz has developed new and exciting beverages such as Matcha Tea and Matcha Chillos . Other great examples include Authentic Classic Chai Latte and Rooibos Chai Latte which are brewed in small batches just for Blenz as well as our Hot Chocolate and Mochas which use Belgian Chocolate Chips and are made ... Read More »

FG Fine Foods

Another small but substantial café is FG Fine Foods. New to Guangzhou, FG is more of a restaurant than a café, but the coffee here really is some of the best in town. Like all of the food prepared here, the coffee is gourmet quality. FG’s menu is extensive, and the food is healthy, well priced, and a change from ... Read More »

All Starbucks in Guangzhou

Tianhe District Victory plaza 天河区天河路228号正佳广场1楼1A008-009铺 Chinese:天河区体育西路101号维多利广场1-2楼 Address:Shop 217Q, 218Q 2/F & Shop 115B, 116 G/F, Victory plaza, 101 Ti yu xi Road, Tianhe district, Guangzhou Tel: 020-38892779 Jinlilai building Address:Shop 01 G/F, Jinlilai Building, 138 Ti yu Dong Road, Tianhe district, Guangzhou, China Tel: 020-38781266 Chinese: 天河区体育东路138号金利来数码网络大厦首层01号单元 Bercy Plaza Store Address:Shop 1/29、1/29A、1/30A、1/30B G/F, Bercy Plaza, 191 Tiyuxi Road, Tianhe District, ... Read More »

Fruity Mix

Fruity Mix® is a quality Juice & Dessert Café chain based on a well-positioned, broadly appealing and proven F&B concept with national and international growth opportunities. Driven by Chinese consumer’s growing demand for healthy and nutritious diet, ex McCann Erickson Advertising Executive Ms Christina Chan founded the company in Beijing 2002. Now a WFOE (Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise) headquartered in ... Read More »

Full Moon Dream

A fixture among expats looking for a quiet place to toss back a pint or two (or three of four), this is a subdued spot with good cocktails and a friendly, The extensive menu ensures that you won’t just fill up on alcohol. FULL MOON DREAM watermark to a cafe and elegant, luxurious environment for a well-known in the industry, ... Read More »

Kevin’s Cafe

Guangzhou Kevin’s Cafe Kevin’s Cafe,, once awarded the “2003 Best Café Shop”, stands silently in the south of Jianshe Liu Road, hiding under the green tall trees alongside. People usually miss its clean white glass door for its small size. Decorated like a colonial British clubhouse with wooden floors, large leather sofas and chairs, and a full sized piano, it ... Read More »

Zinc Cafe Bar

Zinc Cafe Bar is a modern international-style establishment with a wide variety of drinks, snacks made with the finest ingredients and new music from all over the western world. Serving quality teas, coffees and juices during the evening Zinc is a warm and relaxing café, evolving into a modern and vibrant bar at night screening music videos and serving innovative ... Read More »

Starbucks(Shamian Branch)

Starbucks at Shamian Island Most of the Starbucks in Guangzhou are located near office buildings in CBDs, shopping malls, five-star hotels and upscale residential estates. Many of them are not very peaceful or quiet, as they are usually located in busy areas. The one at Shamian Island – an oasis tucked away from the urban chaos – is a nice ... Read More »

Starbucks Coffee (GrandBuy Store)

It is quite spacious, providing three levels including a charming open courtyard, where you can savor the fine “smells” and sights in a tranquil and elegant environment, and a wide corridor. If you catch Starbucks when it’s not the rush hour it’s still fairly relaxing with the glamorous aroma of coffee beans. Address :1/F,Xin Yi Cheng, NO.489, Baogang Dadao, Guangzhou, ... Read More »