Fo Tiao Qiang

Fo tiao qing

Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, or fo tiao qiang, is a variety of shark fin soup in Cantonese and Fujian cuisine. This is a kind of superior dish, whose original name is “Fu Shou Quan”. It was first created by eminent Juchunyuan Restaurant of Fuzhou during the region of Tongzhi in the Qing Dynasty. Fo Tiaoqiang is made of 28 kinds of fresh ingredients such as, abalone, sea cucumber, shark’s fin, fish maw, shark’s lip, tendons, hams, dried scallop, dried mushroom and Shaoxing Wine etc. Put them into an earthen jar and seal up with mud. It takes more than 10 hours to stew with slow fire. The flavor is delicious and the sweet perfumes are diffused all around. It is a delicacy in autumn and winter. No wonder that one skillful writer in Qing Dynasty recite poems to praise “The fragrance float in the air even to the neighbor house when open up. The Buddha leap the wall as soon as smell the scent.” Fo Tiao Qiang is thus named.
The soup or stew consists of many ingredients of non-vegetarian origin and requires one to two full days to prepare. A typical recipe requires many ingredients including quail eggs, bamboo shoots, scallops, sea cucumber, abalone, shark fin, chicken, Jinhua ham, pork tendon, ginseng, mushrooms, and taro. Some recipes require up to thirty main ingredients and twelve condiments. Use of shark fin, which is sometimes harvested by shark finning, and abalone, which is implicated in destructive fishing practices are controversial for both environmental and ethical reasons.

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