Full Moon Dream


A fixture among expats looking for a quiet place to toss back a pint or two (or three of four), this is a subdued spot with good cocktails and a friendly, The extensive menu ensures that you won’t just fill up on alcohol.
FULL MOON DREAM watermark to a cafe and elegant, luxurious environment for a well-known in the industry, carefully arranged so here are infiltrated every corner of the et & Art elegance.
Address 1:Huan Shi Dong Lu
4th Floor, La Perle, 368 Huan Shi Dong Lu
Phone: +86 20 8331 1400 Location 2 – New Zhujiang Hotel, Binjiang Dong Lu
Address 2:Tianhe Rd.(North)
2/F, 390 Tianhe Rd.(North), Guangzhou, Guangdong,
Chinese: 广州市天河北路390号2楼
510620 Tianhe District

 Address 3:New Zhujiang Hotel, Binjiang Dong Lu

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