Kevin’s Cafe

Guangzhou Kevin's Cafe
Guangzhou Kevin’s Cafe
Kevin's Cafe,

Kevin’s Cafe,, once awarded the “2003 Best Café Shop”, stands silently in the south of Jianshe Liu Road, hiding under the green tall trees alongside. People usually miss its clean white glass door for its small size.
Decorated like a colonial British clubhouse with wooden floors, large leather sofas and chairs, and a full sized piano, it somehow manages to stay hidden amongst Jian She’s more flashy places. However, what was once an exclusive atmosphere is starting to show a bit of wear-and-tear, and is looking a little rough around the edges if you look close enough.
A farewell to the noisy world outside, and in a sudden people may find themselves in another new world.
Address: 10 Jian She Liu Ma Lu, Guangzhou建设六马路10号
Hours: 1pm-2am

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