Guangzhou Nanxin Milk & Dessert

Nanxin Milk and Dessert
Nanxin Milk & Dessert
Double skin milk

Nanxin’s Milk Jelly was found by Huang Jingyun in 1939. “Milk jelly” is also called “Double-skin milk” by the locals. Nanxin’s milk jelly was praised as the best in the city during last 80’s.
Nanxin’s special milk jelly is made of milk from water buffalo. Only the buffalo milk can coagulate when cooled.
Nanxin’s ginger-milk is also popular especially during autumn and winter.
Nanxin’s Milk Jelly (c) and other desserts (file photo by Dianping)
Add: No. 45, Dishifu Lu, Liwan District, Guangzhou 广州市荔湾第十甫路45号
Shuang Pi Nai (Double-Skin Milk): Nanxin Shuang Pi Nai is the specialty of Nanxin Milk Store on the Xia Jiu Lu. Simmered milk has a frozen cover made of the mixture of egg white and milk, Hence the name Double-Skin Milk. When finished, this food appears to be pure white and semisolid. It tastes soft and sweet. And most importantly, it has much nutritional value, good for your health.

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