Prego-Guangzhou Italian Restaurant


Enjoy fresh, delicious and carefully-prepared Italian specialties in a stimulating atmosphere, enhanced by stunning panoramic views from our top floor. Whether it be for a quick bite, a leisurely lunch or dinner, or a gastronomic “degustazione”, Prego does it all with expertise. Our contemporary décor features bold accents and modern chandeliers in every room, while our terrace provides outdoor seating during the warmer months in an attractive landscaped enclosure.


Signature dishes include a pizza featuring barbecued lobster, red onion, and black olives; spaghetti carbonara with bacon, egg, and cream; and seared tuna with olives, basil and a caper sauce. Our impressive beverage list boasts an extensive selection of wines that respects tradition and guides you through new discoveries; authentic Italian “caffé” concoctions that combine the finest beans, liquors and herbs; sterling grappa distilled from the best grapes; and an endless variety of exotic “aperitivo” cocktails made with the freshest imported and local fruits. A wine wall near our entrance allows you to peruse some of our selections and consider what will pair best with your meal.

Let our distinguished chef, Graziano Pia, guide your group on a culinary journey in four private “salas” reminiscent of Italy’s distinctive warmth and charm. Prego’s one-of-a-kind view can be enjoyed from all private rooms, with capacities for dinner or cocktails of 10 to 25 persons.

Add: Inside the Westin Hotel, 6 Linhe Zhong Lu, Tianhe, Guangzhou
Add(Chinese): 天河林和中路6号天誉威斯汀酒店内
Tel: 2826 6368

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