Guangzhou restaurant

Guangzhou Restaurant
Weng Chang Chicken

Guangzhou restaurant is located at the corner of Wenchang Nan Road and the famous Shangxiajiu Street in the Li Wan district. It is a garden-style restaurant. It has been praised “The No.1 restaurant in Guangzhou”, has a long and distinguished history dating back to 1935.
House specialties include Shrimp roe with orange, Casserole of Pork with chili and Abalone served with sprinkles of 24 carat gold! The deserts here are also great and those who have been in China for a long time will especially appreciate the sweeter things.
The restaurant can cater for as many as 10,000 people a day and has branches as far apart as Hong Kong and Los Angeles. Comprised of three floors, the first offers a selection of Chinese and Western food. The ethos of the restaurant however is to provide traditional Cantonese food and you can find plenty to choose from on the second and third floors.
By the end of 1997, Guangzhou Restaurant owned 19 subsidiaries. The specialties include Wen Chang Chicken, Kapok Duck, Deep Fried Duck Palm, and Three-colored Lobster. Besides, the moon cakes of Guangzhou Restaurant are also very famous.
Head office:
(Website : )
2 Wenchang Lu (Rd) Guangzhou; (at the crossing of Xia-Jiu Lu and Wenchang Lu)
Guangzhou Metro Line1: Changshou Lu station
Binjiangxi Branch:
20 Binjiang Xilu (Rd) Guangzhou; (by the river side)
Buses: 8, 131A, 131B (Binjiang Xilu Station)
Tiyu Dong Branch:
112 Tiyu Donglu (Rd) Guangzhou; (at the right side of Tianhe Sports Center)
Metro Line1: Tianhe Sports Center
Buses: 54, 62, 240, 512, 813, 18, 50, 234, 269, 296, 545, 33, 78, 89, 178, 210, 224, 235, 242, 248 (Tiyuzhongxi station)
Tongfuzhong Branch:
309-5 Tongfu Zhonglu (Rd), Yuexiu District Guangzhou; (next to Youth Palace in the east)
Wuyang Xincheng Branch: 9 Mingyue Yilu (Rd), Wuyang Xincheng, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou Buses: 222, 183, 40
Huangpu Branch:
39 Haiyuan Lu (Rd), Huangpu District, Guangzhou
Buses: 43, 50, 240, 513, 562
Baifu Jiujia Branch
3F, Baifu Square, 112 Tiyu Donglu (Rd), Guangzhou
Metro Line1: Tianhe Sports Center station
Buses: 62, 180, 551 (Tiyu Dong station)
Dongshan Branch:
1Dongshan Dajie, Guangzhou
Metro Line 1: Dongshan Kou station
Buses: 1, 3, 215, 811, 813

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