Wilber’s-The best little food house in Guangzhou


A luxurious dining and leisure experience at a unique location. Offering high quality contemporary Western cuisine and serving the best cocktails in Guangzhou.
Wilber’s has been serving Guangzhou’s local expatriate and business crowd for years in an exquisite atmosphere of an original 1930’s colonial styled mansion

A small courtyard leads the retreat from the outside hustle and bustle into the peaceful restaurant, which is a Russian style construction with spacious rooms, big windows and high ceilings. The ambience is soft and cozy, thanks to its concise, exquisite and somehow rhythmatic setup and artistic décor. The roof balcony is a particularly charming spot, not to be missed.

Inside the Wilber's
Inside the Wilber's

Wilber’s is one of the local best western style restaurants with romantic atmosphere and elegant décor. The recommended dishes include Italian cuttlefish ink noodles, mushroom soup, steak, cheesecake, etc.
Photos of Wilber’s : http://www.wilber.com.cn/bar/cn/photos1.asp
Address: 62 Zhusigang Er Rd, Guangzhou, China
Hours: Sun-Thu 11:00pm-12:30am / Fri-Sat 11:00pm-02:00am
Tel: 020-37611101

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