Halal Food in Guangzhou

For Muslim traveler, halal food is a big concern and is a need. Guangzhou or previously known as Canton has a large of Muslim population
There are two area which are famous with Muslim dine and cuisine. One is along the road of Huanshi Lu (lu is mean Road, Huanshi Dong Lu and Huanshi Zhong Lu) There are up to 12 Muslim and Halal Restaurant over there,another one is in Shanyuanli.

Nuerbostan Restaurant at Tianhe
Address:First floor of Zijingyuan, No.137, Linhe East Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
Tel: 020-38806710
How to go there?
Metro: Line 3, Get off at Guangzhou East Railway Station, Exit F, about 5 minutes walking.

Nuerbostan Restaurant at Dongfeng Road
Address:Third floor of Guanglian Building, No. 750, Dongfeng East Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou
Tel: 020-86398559
Metro: Line5 , Get off at Ouzuan Station , Exit C.

A Fan Ti Restaurant
Address: Floor 3, Guanglian Building, No.750, East Dongfeng Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou
Chinese Address: 越秀区东风东路750号广联大厦3楼
Tel: 020- 87617932
How to go there?
Metro: Line5 , Get off at Ouzuan Station , Exit C.

Casablanca Restaurant
This restaurant provide wide range of menus, from Chinese food to Uyghur food, soup, fried, rice, grilled meat at very reasonable price. The staff were very friendly. Can accommodate up to 20 person together.
Add: No 36, Xihao 2nd Road, Yuexiu, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Tel: 020-81867356

Brothers Muslim Restaurant
Address: Dongdudashijie, No.475, Huangshi East Road, Dongshan District, Guangzhou
Tel: 020-87626466
How to go there?
Metro: Line 5, Get off at Zoo Station, Exit B , then walking about 5 minutes.

Ottoman Turkish Restaurant
Address: Huanshi Dong Road #475, Guangzhou, Guangdong
Tel: 020-87601227
Chinese address: 越秀区环市东路475号东都大世界1楼A区2-6铺
How to go there?
Metro: Line 5, Get off at Zoo Station, Exit B , then walking about 5 minutes.

Al-Sadda Restaurant
Address: No 316,First floor, Jingying Mansion(Close Huizhou Mansion),Huanshi Zhong Lu
Tel: 020-83541681
Chinese Address: 越秀区环市中路316号金鹰大厦1楼(近惠州大厦)
How to go there?
Metro: Line 5, Get off at Xiaobei Station ,2 minutes walking .

Bosphorus Turkish Restaurant
Address: 304 Huanshi Zhong Road Zhaoqing Building,Yuexiu District
Chinese Address: 越秀区环市中路304号肇庆大厦首层9号铺
Tel: 020-83767644 or 83563578
How to go there?
Metro: Line 5 , Get off at Xiaobei Station , Exit A, Zhaoqing Building

Qinghai Muslim Restaurant
Address:No.111,Guanghua Road, Sanyuanli, Baiyun District, Guangzhou
Tel: 020-86570920
How to go there?
Metro: Line2, Get off at sanyuanli Stationi , Exit A1,

1001 Arabian Nights Restaurant
Address: No.899, Jiefang North Rd, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou
Tel: 020-36182280
How to go there?
Metro: Line 2 , Get off at Yuexiu Park Station , Exit E,2 minutes walking ,

Moon Boat
Address:No 978, Jiefang North Rd, (Close Yuexiu Park) Yuexiu District, Guangzhou
Tel: 020-86679512
How to go there?
Metro: Line 2, Get off at Yuexiu Park station, Exiat A, walking about 2 minutes.

Salam Harbor Restaurant
Address: No217, Sanyuan Li Dadao (avenue), Baiyun District
Address: 白云区三元里大道217号
Tel: 4007005927

Wuyang Huimin Restaurant
Address: No.325, Zhongshan Liu Rd., Yuexiu, Guangzhou,
Chinese Address: 广州市越秀区中山六路325号
Specialties: Peking roast duck, Hot Pot,Garlic Duck, Miscellaneous Cattle & Sheep Soup, Lamb shashlik,Shallot pancake
Tel: 020-81888414
How to go there?
Metro: Line 1, Get off at Ximen Kou, Exit A.

Xinyue Huimin Restaurant
Outstanding Xinjiang food in a large-capacity restaurant with an excellent nightly buffet and live Xinjiang culture performances. Try the classic Xinjiang dish da pan ji chicken with noodle dish with warm nan bread.
Address: 3/F, Xinjiang Building, 76 Tianhe Beilu,
Tel: 3881-7788 ext. 8301

Laomajia Restaurant (Baiyun Branch)
Address: Floor 2, Zhonglv Hotel, No.211, Middle Guangyuan Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou
Tel: 020-86398559

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  1. salaam to all of u as read my message if u want 2 talk me responsed ok i am watching muslims resturents also buckle market okkky

  2. Can you recommend any Halal Restaurants serving Chinese food and not the ones serving Middle Eastern, Turkish, Indian or Pakistani dishes?

  3. There is halal restaurant in arrival 1F on Guangzhou airport. Pleasr look out opposite mc donald. After 2-3 shops. If you ask security or info desk no one knows.

  4. Do halal food restaurants available in close proximity around Beijing Lu and Shangxiajia Lu pedestrian streets? 

  5. I noticed one restaurant serving indian or punjabi styled food near huanshi, but nor sure whether it is still operating till date or not. The address: 2nd floor No. 376, Huanshi East Rd. YUEXIU DISTRICT, Guangzhou

    Tel: 020-83824542/ 83824596

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