OGGI Guangzhou Italian Restaurant


At OGGI,we are passionate about serving great Italian food. Come and savor traditional Italian dishes or try some of our newer creations. Then, accompany your meal with a bottle of wine, from some of the best-known vineyards in Italy, from our well-stocked cellar.
Prices are generally better than most other Italian restaurants. Food quality varies, but for the price it’s hard to beat, and lunch can be had for a very reasonable cost. Oggi has an in-house Italian who prowls the kitchen and keeps an eye on things

The main restaurant, OGGI TRATTORIA, is located at the gates of Zhujiang New City, south of Grand View Mall, on the corner between Tiyu Road and Huangpu Avenue. This three-storey restaurant has its own brick oven to make pizzas the traditional way. Along with a rustic décor and an outside garden, OGGI TRATTORIA is the ideal place for experiencing an authentic Italian dinner.


The new pizzeria and trattoria that’s taking cheese lovers by storm. It might seem silly considering the basic ingredients, but one taste of a true Italian pizza at Oggi and that’s it. You will never feel the same about this simple and delicious food again

OGGI TRATTORIA (the Canton Place)
NO.106 at the Canton Place
Qing Feng Street, Zhujing New Town ( near Liede police station )
Opening Hours:
Mon – Sun : 11:00 to 23:00
Tel : 020 3862 0240

OGGI PIZZERIA, conveniently located in the Garden Hotel area, welcomes you 24 hours a day. Come and try our homemade sandwiches, healthy salads, afternoon tea sets, freshly made pizzas and pastas all’italiana. Or just have an espresso as only the Italians can make.

No.1 Tianlun Garden, Jianshe 4 Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou
Opening Hours: 24 hours
Tel : 020 8356 1196

YOGGI, located beside OGGI PIZZERIA, is the new addition to OGGI Group. It serves the finest and most authentic frozen yogurt in a relaxed environment. Come and enjoy a cup of healthy frozen yogurt and top it with fresh fruit according to your taste. Low fat, low colories and low cholesterol. The best way to kill you sweet teeth without killing your diet!

No.1 Tiyu Dong Road
Tianhe District, Guangzhou(adjacent to Huangpu Avenue)
Opening Hours:
Mon – Sun : 11:45 to 23:00
Tel : 020 8751 5882

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