Pan Xi Restaurant

Pan xi Restaurant
Panxi Restaurant
Pan xi Restaurant Guangzhou

Pan Xi Restaurant is a large-scale garden-style restaurant. It is located on the bank of beautiful Li Wan Lake. It occupies an area of 12,000 sq. Meters and is the site of “Chang Hua Garden”, an imperial garden of the king of Nan Han Dynasty.
Pan Xi Restaurant, ranking No. 1 of the three garden-style restaurants of Guangzhou, has many specialties such as Steamed Whole White Gourd Soup, Garden Herbs Chicken and Assorted Platter. The most famous are its pastries.
The restaurant has obtained different gold prizes from the 2nd and 3d National Cooking Competitions and besides the restaurant has also dispatched chefs to participated in Luxemburg International Cuisine Competition, International Olympic Cuisine Competition and won the gold and silver medals respectively. The restaurant can prepare and serve Eight-Immortal banquet, Flower Fairy banquet, Xiguan-flavored banquet and heart-shaped dim sum banquet, all of which gain great
The restaurant offers authentic Cantonese dishes (one of the four main famous culinary types in China) and delicacies. Former US Secretary of State Dr. Henry Kissinger who made contributions to the establishment of Sino-US foreign relations was an old customer. As early as the beginning of the 1970s, while en route to Beijing, he was entertained at the airport with dishes and delicacies prepared by the Panxi Restaurant which impressed him. When Panxi chefs made a demonstration tour of the United States in 1980, Kissinger booked the whole Dahongyun (Good Luck) Restaurant in New York and highly praised the Chinese assorted hors d’oeuvres, mixed delicacies in whole wax gourd and other famous dishes.
In the autumn of 1987, when he visited Guangzhou as a scholar, he politely avoided attending the evening banquet arranged by the host and proposed to take his meals at the Panxi Restaurant again. The hors d’oeuvres which Kissinger repeatedly tasted are actually made with roast meat, chicken meat, quail eggs, prawns, pot-stewed pig tripe, beef rolls, three-color eggs, preserved eggs and sliced bamboo shoots carved and arranged into various patterns. Owing to fine cutting, they look lively and colorful.
The famous pastry is Fresh Shrimps Dumpling, Nest Dasheen, Water Chestnut Cake, and Crisp Three-flavored Rolls. About 40 dishes and pastries of Pan Xi Restaurant won prizes in the cooking contests of various levels.
Pan Xi Restaurant is now not only serving traditional Cantonese food and creative canton cuisine, but also has increased famous cuisines of Sichuan, Shandong, Huaiyang, Chaozhou and Asia and Pacific areas.
Location: Liwan
Cuisine Category: Cantonese
Pricing Category: Low (under 100Y)
Cost per person: ¥80
Payment: Cash and credit cards
Address: No. 151 Long Jin Xi Road 广州市龙津西路151号
Booking no: (020) 81815718/ 81815955/ 81817038

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