Pantang Water Chestnut Cake

Water Chestnut Cake

Pantang is near to the Panxi Restaurant, that is, the location of Old Lizhiwan. Pantang five excellent products (water chestnut cake, an arrowhead, water bamboo shoot, the lotus root, a water chestnut,water chestnut dessert) are produced in this district. Pantang Water Chestnut Cake chooses local special product– water chestnut flour as ingredients. The color of gold is yellow and transparent, with elasticity, smooth taste and delicate fragrance of water chestnut cake. It is a famous pastry in Panxi restaurant.It is pleasant to the palate. It is a real pure and fresh relish when taste some water chestnut cake after having a tea or a meal. Water chestnut cake includes transparent water chestnut cake and Shengmo water chestnut cake.
Water chestnut cake recipe
Panxi Restaurant
Add: No. 151, Longjin West Road, Guangzhou
Tel: 020-81815718
Bus: Take No.66, No.74, No.25, No.8 or No.2 and get off at Pantang station

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