Shrimp dumpling

Shrimp dumpling

Shrimp dumpling is Guangdong shrimp dumpling for short and it is also called crystal shrimp dumpling. The translucent shrimp dumplings is a traditional Cantonese dumplings served in dim sum.The filling of shrimp dumpling is the shelled fresh shrimp. Shrimp dumpling is the first one of “Four Kings” of Cantonese dim sum. The other three are streamed shaomai, Cha Shao Bao (barbecue pork buns) and danta (egg tart).
Shrimp dumpling was created in twenties of last century. It is cooked by special four. Then take the fillings of shelled fresh shrimp, pork and bamboo root threads. The skin of shrimp dumpling is transparent and the filling is bright red and loomed under the skin. such dumplings have become very famous and have remained in great demand for a long time
Recommended Places
Shrimp dumpling, as part of “Yum Cha”, is often served in tea houses. The time-honored teahouse brands in Guangzhou are Taotaoju, Luyvju, Paxiangju, Nanyuan, Beiyuan, Panxi, Datong, Huiru, Sanru, Duoru, Qiaoxin, Dexin, Zhengxin, Fulaiju, Xihuaju, Meizhenju and so on.

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