Slow-cooked Soup–Cantonese Soup

Cantoense Soup
Cantoense soup

Another notable Cantonese specialty is slow-cooked soup, or lo foh tong (老火汤) in the Cantonese dialect. The soup is usually a clear broth prepared by simmering meat and other ingredients over a low heat for several hours. Chinese herbs or medicine are often used as ingredients. Slow-cooked soup is a regular dish in Cantonese families as most believe in its ability to heal and strengthens one’s health.
The method is to put the raw materials in when the water is boiling, then turn down the heat and simmer for two to four hours.
The main attraction is the liquid in the pot, the solids are usually thrown away unless they are expensive ingredients such as abalone or snake.
The solids are usually unpalatable, but the essences are all in the liquid. Local residents believe all soup improves their health.
There are hundreds of recipes for soup. The usual one is the long-hour cooked soup, known as lao huo liang tang, which is combined with vegetables and bones, sometimes added with Chinese herbs.
It is a must before the meal when people go to restaurants to have Cantonese food.
In addition to the ingredients and methods, Cantonese soup is cooked differently in different seasons, catering to people’s varying tastes and needs.
Due to long preparation hours of slow-cooked soup, soup chain stores or delivery outlets became popular in Cantonese-dominated cities such as Hong Kong.

English Chinese Status
Snow fungus soup 銀耳湯  
Spare rib soup with watercress and apricot kernels 南北杏西洋菜豬骨湯
Cantonese seafood soup 海皇羹 not

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