Starbucks(Teemall Branch)

tianhe starbuck coffee

Since its first branch was established in Beijing, January 1999, Starbucks have been flourishing in mainland China.
Its shops in China are usually located in the most prosperous shopping centers or the most popular places of interest. It was ever located in the Forbidden Palace in Beijing, a symbol of Chinese long history and ancient culture.
Starbucks guarantees to provide you real coffee which is pretty difficult to find if you don’t know the city well enough.
Although there are actually a lot of other authentic cafes in Guangzhou, and the coffee in Starbucks is standard and over-priced, Starbucks remains crowded and inevitably noisy.
Address: Shop 103C, North Gate, G/F, Teemall, 208 Tianhe Rd., Guangzhou, Guangdong, 广州市天河路208号天河城广场首层北门103C铺510620 Tianhe District

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