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eatting in guangzhou

You will be using chopsticks for most meals in Chinese restaurants here in Guangzhou, so practice before coming. You will find Western utensils available in most restaurants (fork, spoon and knife). Guangzhou has the best cuisine. There is no other province that can compare to Guangzhou. Guangdong Province has some of the best and fertile land in China.
In Guangzhou, Cantonese restaurants are the most prevalent, but Guangzhou also offers excellent opportunities to enjoy cuisine from Thailand, Korea and Japan, to name a few. Of course you will also find Western food in Guangzhou, but there is generally more of it in Shanghai and Beijing, where there are many more expatriates. The noodle and dumplings still rule in Guangzhou.
Eating in a Cantonese restaurant or home is quite an experience for the new arrivals or tourists to Guangzhou. The food is always fresh from the market and prepared the same day it was purchased. The Chinese are not big on refrigeration and like their food fresh.
Try to place your chopsticks on the holders that are provided or on your rice bowl. You can also use your chopsticks to signal you that are done with that dish by placing them on the table and not on the rice bowl or holders.
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