Tong sui (cantonese dessert)

Double-Skin Milk
Double-Skin Milk

After a night meal or dish, Cantonese restaurants usually offer dessert (also call tong sui, or sweet soups). Tong sui are a Cantonese specialty and are rarely found in other regional cuisines of China. Many of the varieties are shared between Cantonese and other Chinese cuisines. Some desserts are more traditional, while others are more recent. Higher-end restaurants usually offer their own blend and customization of desserts.
There is a wide variety of tong sui and in Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Malaysia, there are often stalls which devote themselves just to selling different types of desserts. These dessert stalls have also gained prominence in overseas Chinese communities, and can be found in various parts of Canada, Australia and the United States.

English Chinese
Red bean soup 紅豆沙
Black sesame soup 芝麻糊
Sai mai lo 西米露
Sweet potato soup 番薯糖水
Mung bean soup 綠豆沙
Dau fu fa 豆腐花
Guilinggao 龜苓膏
Sweet Chinese pastry 糕點
Coconut bar 椰汁糕
Shaved Ice 刨冰
Steamed egg custard 燉蛋
Steamed milk custard 燉奶
Double skin milk 雙皮奶

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