Zinc Cafe Bar

Guangzhou Zinc Cafe Bar

Zinc Cafe Bar is a modern international-style establishment with a wide variety of drinks, snacks made with the finest ingredients and new music from all over the western world. Serving quality teas, coffees and juices during the evening Zinc is a warm and relaxing café, evolving into a modern and vibrant bar at night screening music videos and serving innovative cocktails.
The bar also holds many special drinks not available in other bars including a range of international beers, ciders and alcopops. Also there have been a number of spirits including Absinthe, Balvenie Doublewood Whisky, Macallan Whisky, Hennessy Pure White, Aftershock, Jagermeister, Gappa, Tequilas, and a lot of special vodkas, with 7 Absolute flavours, 4 of Danzka and 2 varieties of Skyy. Availability changes with demand but there are often new additions, so keep checking.
The bar is open 7 days from 6:30pm to 2am and in addition can be booked at any time for corporate functions, from breakfast time. Menus and dinner parties can also be arranged, with every course designed to your taste and budget, from buffets to luxurious dinners.
Aside from the daily chance to relax with drinks with friends, Zinc also holds regular themed parties, quiz nights and exhibitions. All of these events are posted on this website and the photos can be viewed in our gallery.
Zinc offers a number of leading fashion and design magazines for patrons to enjoy as well as a book exchange with more than 90 English language titles, including many modern literary prize winners and best sellers.

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