China Plaza Guangzhou

Guangzhou China Plaza

China Plaza is another multi-purpose shopping mall, business office, and accommodation. Sat on top of Lie Shi Ling Yuan station, and on the busy Zhong Shan San Lu, it is an imposing sight and the tallest building in the area.
China Plaza, located at the joint of Zhong Shan San Road and Jiao Chang Xi Road, the center of Guangzhou City, was built on the Metro Station of Lie Shi Ling Yuan (Martyrs Park ). To the north of China Plaza is the famous park “Lie Shi Ling Yuan” (Martyrs Park ) and to the east of China Plaza is Hero Square, the biggest entertainment square of Guangzhou. The B1 floor is joined with A Exit, Metro Station of Lie Shi Ling Yuan (Martyrs Park )and many buses are available. In all, China Plaza is accessible from all directions
China Plaza, with clear function of each floor, complete catalogue of commodities and collection of brand products, has more than one thousand shops now.
First Floor: Variety of famous chained brand shops, such as Fornari and COZZI, favored by white collar; Baleno and S&K, favored by teenagers.
Second Floor: Jusco, large department store, familiar to the common citizens.
Third Floor: Jusco, and the Fashion World that guides the trend of fashion;
Fourth Floor: China Digital World, collection of the latest technology of the city; Shengshi China Department, from the first to the fourth floor in the southwest section, the first department recommended to the Guangzhou Section of the Ninth National Games and the first person-owned large department store of Guangzhou.
Fifth Floor: China Modern Furniture World, a collection of brands, variety of products and representatives of modern furniture.
Sixth Floor: Yichuang Book City and Phoenix Cultural World, gathering of masterpieces of books, drawings, ceramics, sculptures and jewelries, with the distinguished atmosphere of Chinese traditional culture. Yichuang Book City is the second biggest book store of Guangzhou, with more than one hundred thousand books in sale.
Seventh Floor: China Food World, various restaurants of different flavors from home and abroad.
Eighth Floor: China Cinema, the most luxury cinema in Guangzhou. The various cinemas dotting the city are sure to lure movie buffs. Located in Zhonghua Square, China Plaza Theater in Guangzhou is one of the best cinemas in the city.

Features of China Plaza Theater in Guangzhou:
It is the first five-star cinema in Guangzhou and it is one of the top ten box office cinema halls in China.
– The theatre offers an enticing blend of luxury and comfort.
– The Movie theatre attracts business travelers, leisure travelers and locals.
– The five star atmosphere dazzles you with amazement.
– You can relax with cushioned comfort and catch amazing box office hits.
– You can enjoy the best of Classic and contemporary cinema.
China Plaza is a good place to go for electrical equipment, as well as furniture and general food goods. Across the road from the plaza is a ‘cellphone’ street, with hundreds of small shops selling cell phones.
Address: 8/F, China Plaza, No. 33, Zhongshan San Lu, 510055
Tel: 020-83739423, 020-83739553
Itis a multiplex cinema, next to the metro station of Martyrs’ Park. It’ s in a prosperous area and obviously has convenient transportation.
Metro: L1, Martyrs Park Station, A Exit

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