Guangzhou Friendship Store

Guangzhou Friendship Store located in Guangzhou Huanshi Dong Lu which is the most upscale shopping and the core of the business district — Central Business District of Huanshi Dong Lu , It is a symbol of high quality and the modern fashion in Guangzhou, adjacent to Garden Hotel, Asia International Hotel, Baiyun Hotel, the World Trade Center and the La Perle , convenient transportation where has the subway station near there ,TaoJin station and with nearly 200 underground parking spaces Friendship Store ..
As the company’s main store ,It is committed to creating a comprehensive high-level department stores , Mainly engaged in the international one, second-tier brands and leading-edge boutique department store and advantages of high-end products and brands . Emphasize highlighting fashion, personalization, branding and internationalization, Like CARTIER , LAMER, VERTU, PIGET etc ,which was the number of the world luxury brands stationed . Become a highlight of the store bright, Other almost one hundred internationally renowned jewelry ,watches,Cosmetics, Boutique Clothing ,Guangzhou city and the southern district of Chian become the focal point of international fashion boutique
Friendship store one of the oldest department stores targeting foreigners in Guangzhou. You will also find its branches in Zhengjia Plaza and Times Square on 28 Tianhe Beilu. If you’re staying in Guangzhou only a short time and want to buy something that will last then this is likely to be your best choice. You can undoubtedly find it cheaper elsewhere, but the Friendship Store provides you with convenience and reliability.
Address: 369 Huanshi Dong Lu (TaoJing Lu), Guangzhou, China
No.28 Tianhe Bei Lu, Guangzhou
South Gate, No.228 Tianhe Lu, Guangzhou

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