Global International Trade Center

Global International shoes Trade Centre

Global International Trade Centre, also named as Bu Yun Tian Di in Chinese.Heading the Chinese footwear industry goes internationally 60,000 sq.meters optimal size and outstanding A-level footwear market Extremely convenient location; Incomparable Position!

Allocate the advanced equipment in high investment:
Invests ten million yuan to buy and count a world most advanced large-scale screen color TV, install it in the showy place of outer wall and field of commercial building, broadcast the excellent program and commercial information; Install the most modernized system of central radio seeing and hearing, closed-circuit TV monitoring system, cable TV network system; Every family’s open broadband, IDD telephone, wired TV programme; 7 advanced passenger-cargo lifts, 40 hands support the lift, fast journey to and fro of 3 bubble lifts, create environment of trade and business and comfortable visiting the environment of doing shopping with high capacity and efficiency.

High-standard equipment forms a complete set:
Shoes industry market adopt glass interval, penetrating to borrow scene between the every retail shop, visual field broad protruding to show market mighty scale, great prosperity popularity; Advanced marble ground, washing hole stainless steel board variola, advanced lighting system, famous-brand cleaners and polishes Reflect the high-standard environmental quality of BuYun Shoes World all without exception.

Beautiful business environment and commercial facility of the internationalization:
Allocate advanced person’s most advanced advanced seeing and hearing in multi-functional international Convention and Exhibition Center, phonotape and videotape, multimedia, communication, person who translate facility in step, can hold high international conference, global network video-and teleconference, global synchronous product of specification release, can popularize etc.; Small-scale show room, meeting room, negotiate one to allocate facilities such as advanced person’s most advanced advanced seeing and hearing, phonotape and videotape, multimedia, communication,etc., can hold various small-scale meetings and carry on the product exhibition; Underground parking allocate complete IC card check, charge system and 24 omni-directional to guard against theft central monitoring system hour. March toward the new century, especially after China joins WTO, Chinese shoes industry welcomes greater opportunity for development. According to materials: The whole world shoes industry produce at present There are nearly 50% to come from China quantity, in 2002, the product amount of the Chinese shoes was up to 4,410 million pairs, export value and reach 11,090 million dollars, and this surprising figure Guangdong creates. Bear the important task of history, ” BuYun Shoes World ” Hope that can be nearly 50% are looking at the world, taking a broad view of the future sideways together with knowledgeable people, Make the strong advantage, for the shoes industry undertaking of developing China, in order to promote the Chinese shoes industry to go to the world in an all-round way, in order to build the platform of international trade and business of the Chinese shoes industry And struggle together. Can predict support to have you, ” in China, in Guangdong tomorrow in shoes industry such as Chinese tomorrow in shoes industry such as world, on the west road of the station of Guangzhou, tomorrow’s international sign of west road is to stand tomorrow of the shoes industry of Guangdong ” Global International Trade Center – BuYun Shoes World! ” Will become the irrefutable fact.

Website : Address : Floor 10 in Hongji Building, No.24 on Zhanxi Road, Guangzhou City 广州市站西路26号步云天地

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