Guagnzhou Carrefoure

Guangzhou Carrefour

Carrefour–France’s monster retailer has made it Guangzhou with several huge and modern stores scattered across the city.
Prices and quality is generally good, with a lot of products on offer. As well as food they also stock electronic equipment and household items.
Wangguo Plaza, 40 Qianjin Lu, Haizhu 前进路40号万国广场
Tel: 8426 2633

Everbright City Plaza, 656 Kangwang Zhong Lu 康王中路656号新光城市广场
Tel: 8133 7619

Jia Xin Business center 76-80 Gongye Avenue North 广州市工业大道北76-80号家信商业中心
Tel: 8961 1250

Yun Cun, 3 Henglong Street, Tianhe District 天河员村恒隆街3号
Tel: 8564 8472

Blossom Plaza, 1339 Ji Chang Lu, Baiyun District 白云区机场路1339号百信广场
Tel: 3663 7188

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