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Beijing Lu Pedestrian Street, This is the main shopping thoroughfare, a pedestrian street where most stores are open from 9AM-10PM. It has absolutely everything; cheap clothes, good food and even a little history. There is a display of the original road from the song dynasty (960 – 1279 A.D).

In the center of the street you will see two underground archeological sites showing that this road has existed here for nearly a thousand years. Coke must have struck a good deal with Guangzhou’s municipal authorities because the pair of underground sites are sponsored by the American soda icon. Just in case you overlook that fact on the accompanying bronze plaque, then you can’t miss the Coca Cola logo that appears on almost every other glass panel which peers below into a pit with remnants of the Song and Ming dynasty roads on display. Permanently stationed between the two historical sites is the convenient Coca Cola Trolley, peddling the traditional glass bottles of what Chinese people not too long ago believed was a strange elixir that tasted like some awful western medicine.

The Xinhua bookstore is a good place to buy a tourist atlas of China. This is really the only shop around here that I would recommend. You won’t find any bargains if you’re looking for cheap clothing or those popular fake brand name designer goods.

There is a wide range of stores available, from a large modern-style department store to stores selling the latest fashions for young people, to the ultra-cheap shacks hawking t-shirts, jewelry and knick-knacks…

When you walk down beijing lu you will see little alleys on the left and right. In there are many little shops where you can bargain. Designer clothes, bags, all the girls stuff and a bit of guy’s clothes. There is tons of guys selling fake watches there as well and they will follow you down the road for a bit trying to get you to look at their stuff.

You will get exhausted when you see all the things are real cheap, but 1 thing, you get what you paid for. The things are not so good quality if it is real cheap. But as for a lady we will still buy if when we see things are cheap , it doesn’t matter at least we will use it for a few times it you dont like it anymore you can give it to someone else , after all the things that you bought are cheap .
If you are staying in GuangZHou hotel or Landmark Hotel, it is a walking distance, just about 10 minutes walking from the hotel to the beijing lu Pedestrian Street.

Yuexiu District
Beijing Lu
South of the intersection where Zhongshan 5 becomes Zhongshan 4.
How to go there:
get off at gongyuan qian station and head out exit C and walk straight for 2 short blocks

1. Avoid individuals who solicit pirated DVDs and imitation goods or lot of Fake watches that they will show you, in fact most of the fake watch is from the Guangzhou watch market, low price, but they sell the people with high price. Don’t follow anyone into the small dark alleys in between buildings to see their goods.
2. Remember to visit Mayflower Plaza (五月花广场 wǔ-yuè-huā-guǎng-chǎng) at 68 Zhongshan 5 Lu (中山五路68号), at the northern end of the Pedestrian Street. This is a place where young people hang out and shop. (Metro 1, 2 Gong Yuan Qian station – Exits C, D)
3 .However many sellers give discounts so don’t be shy about haggling.(how to barging in Guangzhou)

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  1. This place is the shopping area with higher class than Shangxiajiu Road pedestrian. Many branded fashions have their boutique here, so it is nicer for a window shopping. But, if you are planning to stay around Beijing Road, you have to get prepared that it’s really hard to find foods especially before 9am. None of the shop are open yet. All you can do is trying to have breakfast at your hotel restaurant, or you have to explore small lanes behind buildings to find out any locals selling foods with cheap prices and average taste too. And, also at night, this road goes down faster that it is at Shangxiajiu Road.

  2. I am here for a week while my husband is on a business trip and I was shocked at the size of the city . I have been using the metro and following advice of trip advisor . I went to see the chan family temple , it was right outside the metro door . Then I took the metro back to the GangZhou Beijing pedestrian street. It was full of people but no where near as crazy as the markets. Easy to find your way around. I thought the prices were good . Found a Temple being used with wonderful Buddest statues . It was very interesting seeing lots of people bringing food for the temple and the dead. There were hundreds of photos and names in the walls of many buildings of people who had died. Lots of shops in this area , restaurant etc . Might do the safari park tomorrow .

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