Guangzhou Book Centre

Guangzhou Bookshop Center

Guangzhou Book Centre is located on 123 Tian He Lu. There is a wide range of English-language books, including English translations of Chinese classics as well as English classics aimed at Chinese students (some complete, many abridged). There is also a good selection of Chinese-language textbooks, as well as English-Chinese dictionaries.
Multistory high with each level providing different categories of book range. The mall mainly sells chinese books but there two private bookstores that sells english books too. One of them, by the name “New Page” that has nice ambience, provides english background music and seats for your books browsing.
New Page provides a dozen categories of original English books, from travel guides like Lonely Planet to Chinese/Cantonese Learning textbooks, from literary masterpieces to art reference. The western-style decoration, English songs playing and the cozy chairs make the shop a comfortable place to buy books.
“New Page opened on November 23, 2005. After one year of operation, we have already attracted lots of customers, both Chinese and foreigners, 50/50.” Miss Nicole Xian told the reporter.
English books – Especially those english books printed in China, they may cost even cheaper than you buy them overseas.
At the ground floor, there are also counters selling digital dictioneries, MP3s and MP4s. Beside the main entrance is the customer service counter, where you can give them the list of book names you want to find and they will search them for you from their database. They will then give you a slip of paper with the floor and book shelve reference no for you to find them.
If you are a big English book fan and want to be a smart customer, here are some tips for you:
Apply for a member card.
Pay RMB120 to the business centre on the first floor of Guangzhou Book Selling Centre, left of the entrance, and you can get a member card. With the card, you can get books worth RMB100 for free from anywhere in most stores Book Selling Centre from underground tofourth floor except San Lian Bookstore and some electric apparatus stores. Each time you buy a book, the credit points of the card will be increased. Less than 3,000 points, you get 5 percent discount, above 3,000, 12 percent off.
Theme: Books
• Address: 123 Tian He Lu; next to the Guangzhou Tianhe Sports Center.
• Phone: 87597468
• Directions: Facing diagonally of Teemall, nearest MRT would be Ti Yu Xi station.

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