Guangzhou Fangcun Tea Market

Fangcun tea market
Guangzhou Tea Market

Guangzhou Fangcun Tea Market is located in the southwestern part of Guangzhou, and you will find an exhibition of all varieties of tea from the whole country (including Taiwan), packaging materials, machinery for tea, and tea sets and utilities of various styles.
It is estimated that more than 3000 stores are situated on Fangcun Dadao and at the Fangcun Tea Market, most of which are operated by businessmen from provinces like Zhejiang, Fujian, Yunnan, Hunan, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan.
The number of tea shops at Fangcun is simply staggering. Even a whole day wouldn’t take in all of the establishments-but this is not the point. The real point is to make it a leisurely pursuit, sampling and savouring. Most of the shops also sell other tea-related accoutrements, such as cups, boilers and wonderful, hand-crafted tea trays.
As yet, no foreign tea companies are operating in Fang Cun market, with the exception of Lipton which has its own tea blending plant in Guangzhou. The huge market in mainland China remains uncharted waters to foreign tea business. This may have some relation to the tax policy of the Chinese government in protecting local tea farmers.
Getting to Fangcun is extremely easy, whether by bus or metro. Many busses run to Fangcun market, including numbers 19, 52, 55, 57, 65, 75, 81, 193, 202, 206, 207, 222, 277, 281, 811 and 838. Remember to get off at Shancun Zhan.

How to get to the Fancun Tea Market by Metro : Take Metro Line 1 , get off at Fancun Metro Station , Exit C, you can walking to the Fangcun Tea Market , about 15-20 minutes, you can take  a bus No 281 ,57,75,55 ,Only 2 Stops .

Fangcun tea market
you can walking or take a bus from Fangcun Metro Station
Fangcun tea market
How to take a bus at Fangcun Metro Station

The follows is a list of other tea markets in Guangzhou:
Tianhe Tea Wholesale Market
No. 195-22 Guangzhou Huangpu Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
Mainly engaged in tea, tea sets, tea Crafts wholesale and retail.

Guangdong Haiyin Tea market
Dongxiao Road 35, located in Haizhu District

Guangdong Yaosheng Tobacco, Sugar and Tea Market
Shifeng and Guangqing Road Junction

Shancun Tea Wholesale Market
Liwan, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

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  1. What are the hours of operation (open and close) of the Fangcun tea market? Thanks

  2. How long do you have to walk from the metro station and in which direction.

    Thank you

    • hi there
      Take Metro Line 1 , get off at Fancun Metro Station , Exit C, you can walking to the Fangcun Tea Market , about 15-20 minutes, you can take a bus No 281 ,57,75,55 ,Only 2 Stops .
      Please see the map that I update on the article, it will be easy for you to go to the Fangcun Market .
      Fangcun Tea Market
      Fangcun Tea Market

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  5. I’m from Russia, I need a tea supplier in your province.

  6. Hi Victor. We have some very good teas in Africa.Very unique varieties only grown here. Can we maybe import to China ,do you think its possible to sell to the vendors and companies located at Fangcun?

  7. I am available for interpreting services and I am based in the tea market.  My family also specialise in whole Yiwu Mountain Puer tea – 443 Fangcun Dadao Zhong, shop C36.


  8. Hello, does this market work on Sunday?

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