Guangzhou OneLink Plaza

Guangzhou Onelink Plaza

OneLink Plaza position in largest city of Guangzhou in southern China, is a professional wholesale toys, gifts, beauty tools for large commercial space capabilities, there are thousands of shops and at least ten billion in trade every yaar.Onelink here has 41 land, environmental goods developed device. There is room meetting rooms, exhibition spaces
At first glance, looks like a regular mall, but is actually a wholesale market. Each store usually sold only one product type, but the choice and variety of products is huge, you can find variations of products, you can not find elsewhere. You can buy products such as arts and crafts, jewelry, sporting goods, toys, keychains, collectibles and gifts of all kinds. Many owners of shops and stores around the world come here to buy their products wholesale. You get the best price if you loose (usually buy 20 or more). Most shop owners will not negotiate if you buy in bulk. However, if you buy only one or two items, prices are generally cheaper than anywhere else, because you buy directly from wholesalers.

New development team trade king has many local and overseas, the rich experience of management and authority for the investment management group always inherits the management based on objective assessment and is the ideal environment for the success of ten thousand positions and creating sustainable development of water chestnut individual traders with all their forces.

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  1. can i know the address of Guangzhou OneLink Plaza???

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